I: When The World is All but Gone

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Evans Family Estate
Dead Man's River
2 Weeks Later

It was dusk, the hour just after the sun dipped below the horizon. Diana sipped at the whiskey she found stashed on Old Man Vernon's home south east of her current location. She'd been hiding at her family's old bunker for two weeks now. She found that her cousins bunker would be safer for the early days while the heat was still on, and they were still searching for her. Eventually she moved above ground to her home a block or so over.

Diana was living alone, off-grid, and radio silent. It granted her enough time to lick the wounds Whitehorse and the now-dead Marshal had done to her for trying to free Faith. The cuts on her feet were healing up well, and it was nice to be in a fresh set of clothing after crawling through the forests, the bog and swimming through the murky waters.

Across from her, Brendan Morris had been rambling for a while now, the only company allowed in since she vanished from the radar of the Forsaken. The lull of his voice was flat and irritating with his debrief, a meager pup trying to fill in the blanks she'd missed out on in her time away. Diana listened intently to him drone on.

The announcement that John had been taken gutted her, but she fell further into despair as more solemn words left Morris' lips. "They took him, too. I'm sorry."

Anything else that was said didn't matter. She should have known something was amiss when he placed the red sniper rifle on the table.

The air was dead and stagnant, as if a vacuum pulled every ounce of it out of the room. She took a beat to comprehend it all, to fathom the nature of his tragic news. Diana eventually kicked her boots off the table and rose from the chair, lunging toward her only exit to free her from the inbound panic. The balcony doors were thrown open with force enough to slam when they were pulled inward, and Diana stepped outside. It was a risk being out in the open, but she already ran a greater risk letting the man into her hideout. However, after being tucked away in the lower levels of her family's property, she needed a breath of fresh air.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted to fire a few rounds into the night.

She wanted nothing more than to be back at home with her husband.

And so soon after her triumph in the east-after retrieving Faith from the torment being done to her by Whitehorse and Burke-the brothers were now abducted. That would prevent the dream of peaceful days with her husband from happening anytime soon.

"Mrs. Seed?"

Her hands tightened on the banister. The wood creaked in her bandaged grip. "Diana. Just. Diana."

Morris bowed his head. The Lieutenant was instructed by the Herald to address his wife accordingly, but he would also respect her request.

"What else, then?" She asked, expecting far worse news from the already terrified Lieutenant. He seemed timid, afraid to come forward with anything more, but she didn't have time for games or nervous sheep.

"It's just that... the Forsaken found out what you did to the Marshal to get Faith back, and after you escaped, they got them. And..." Morris trailed off.

"What..." She exaggerated her T to show that she just wanted this to go quick, that she didn't want him to lure her along like this-how could it possibly get any worse?

"It's Whitehorse. He issued an APB on you. Came through the wire about a week ago. Order is to shoot on sight but keep you alive. They say you're dangerous,"

"Not a lie."

"...and they're to keep you alive so they can trap you like they did John and Jacob. Whitehorse knows you're gonna go find him... Pratt's probably counting on it, Hudson too, they know-"

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