Chapter 68: Father and Daughter

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The muses returned in the hall. Ivy explained to Riza that Edmond had awoken because she reached the final, Siren rank of the Singer Class, so her muse was now strong enough to come out, and that it was harder for Singers to feel the muse within them, so her muse was left undetected by her up until now. As for Tamie, Kokujin apologized and promised he'd always come to help whenever she demanded it from now on, and also, he sighed and let her know that it was better if he returned to the dream world where he belonged (just as Ivy advised him to do):

"You know, Tamie, I felt so good beside you in the real world... I finally met your brother whom I desired to meet for so long, and you and I spent many days in the Order together... It was truly fun and amusing, but I guess, I should go back to the dream world now, where I belong. After all, as we both know, you have already laid your eyes on a guy who might live up to your expectations, and I'll be watching too that it goes all smoothly. You can, of course, summon me whenever you want, and I will emerge and help you with all I can, and in the dream world, I will rule just as I always did, so technically, we'll always be together, until the end... We are one soul..." 

He hugged her tightly. Tamie first widened eyes, but then sighed - he was right, it was better to let him go back to the dream world and not bother him with the real world affairs, because like every muse, he belonged in her mind and her dreams, not the real world. He was hers, forever... So she beamed and cuddled with him:

"You can go back to my dream world... You are right. I should know where the line between the real world and the dream world lies. It is also true that we shall be together forever, no matter what happens. In our dreams, no one will be able to penetrate and disturb us..." 

They beamed to each other, and then Kokujin began glowing blue.

"Sayōnara, Tamie..." were the last words Tamie heard before the muse returned into the scroll completely. She sighed, but then a grateful beam covered her face and she tenderly stroked her scroll.

(TRANSLATION: Sayōnara - Goodbye (Japanese))

Meanwhile, Scott and Fireball drank beer at one of the tables, talked, and had a good time. Everything was casual in the hall - drinks, songs, fun... Then, Scott caught the sight of a beautiful, long-dark-haired, blue-to-grey-eyed woman in a brown hat and an adorable dress. Once he noticed her golden-chained necklace of the yellow-to-orange gem of Venus, he instantly understood it was the new Golden Venus Celestial Lady, Danielle Schatzen, who gave a blasting performance at the Stadium the other day.

 Once he noticed her golden-chained necklace of the yellow-to-orange gem of Venus, he instantly understood it was the new Golden Venus Celestial Lady, Danielle Schatzen, who gave a blasting performance at the Stadium the other day

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"Damn, from up close she looks even more gorgeous..." he uttered, staring at Danielle who was talking to Riza and was clapping with happiness as she had found out her daughter was alright and had even gained a victory.

"Haha, so you like her?" Fireball let out a sarcastic laugh, "Who would've thought a guy like you would ever set his eyes on a woman!"

"Huh? I'm a man too, duh!" Scott flushed up and hit his glass to the table in slight anger - how this dragon dared mock him so casually?!

"Yeah, whatever," Fireball chuckled and took another toss of his beer.

Suddenly, Tiger walked up from the basement and joined a group of five girls (among whom there were those two maidens they had earlier met - Riza and Tamie) at one of the tables. She had a sad face - she was apparently still feeling down. Scott's cheeks flushed as he noticed this redhead girl who was revealed to be his daughter, so he averted his gaze from her and her companions, nervously rubbing his beer glass. Fireball instead carefully studied all of the girls' faces, and then glanced at his concerned friend:

"Aren't you going to talk to her?"


"Your daughter, she clearly feels sad. Say something to her. It's not manly".

"Duh, you teaching me how to be manly..."

Fireball chuckled and shook his head - what a stuck-up guy himself... Scott instead sighed and obliquely glanced at Tiger's table again - such a cute little child... to ever think he'd have a daughter, and this beautiful...

Meanwhile, the 'sisters' were talking at the table:

"I defeated that scum Julia Gold and took the Jupiter necklace," Riza grinned, "I even discovered my muse - his name is Edmond Meerjung, and his voice and dance moves are so gorgeous!"

"Wow, amazing, sis!" the girls congratulated her.

"Awesome," Cherrie clenched her fist with triumph, "Now we've got four Celestial Lords in our Order!"

"You said it!" Riza winked.

Tiger was sadly looking at the ground. Her three pets sorrowfully yelped and meowed at her feet.

"Huh? What's wrong, Tig?" the girls got concerned.

"Ugh, we found her father - the Golden Mars Celestial Lord, Scott Blutendorf. Kokuyo was informed by Kassandra Braun, and so we verified it is him," Tamie sighed, "But I guess it was too sudden for Tiggie..."

"Aww, Tig, please don't get discouraged!" Rianna got worked up, "It is going to be fine!"

"I'm not discouraged, it's just that... where was he for all this time? Why didn't he return to the family? I lacked his presence so much..." Tiger wiped off a tiny tear that had streamed down her cheek.

"Well, Kokuyo did mention that your father didn't know he had a child, sis..." Tamie looked down, "But I guess it doesn't completely justify his action, huh?"

The girls felt sad for their friend. Riza even put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

"Um, Tiger, right? May I have a minute?"

The girls started and looked back, seeing Scott before them. They blinked - this two metres tall muscular man was Tiger's father?!

"W... Why? What is it?" Tiger timidly asked and stood up.

"I just wanted to, well... Um, what would you say if we... since we are a father and daughter..." he scratched his head, feeling awkward and shy.

"If we?"

"Well, if we... took a ride on my dragon?" Scott shyly smiled - goodness, what if she didn't like dragons? Fireball was indeed somewhat scary for little girls like her...

"Huh? For real?!"

"Um, yes, if you want..." he beamed again, quite surprised that she had turned so excited in all of a sudden. Is she... happy? 

"Ah, amazing!" Tiger jumped with joy indeed, "Um, can I bring my pets along?"

Scott blinked at first, but then grinned and rubbed her head:


Tiger blushed once this yet still a stranger man (even though she found out he was her father he still seemed a stranger to her since she barely knew him) caressed her on the head, as it was rare for her to be caressed and hugged if not by her 'sisters' or Kokuyo.


Thus, the father and the daughter went out of the Order building together, followed by the three pets of Tiger and by Fireball.

"Looks like they've already started to get along," Jannah smiled.

"Yeah... Finally, she's found kin too," Cherrie beamed. 

"Blood kinsmen aren't necessary, she's still got us," Olivia shrugged.

"Sure, but the more family members the merrier," Tamie winked.

Tiger was truly excited - after all, she would go riding a dragon for the first time in her life!

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