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                It’s been a month since I broke up with Ashley.  I can’t believe he did that to me after he said he would never cheat on me. I’ve avoided his phone calls, his text messages and emails. I knew I couldn’t avoid him for long though because he was everywhere. At work, I was surrounded by his face on shirts and Black Veil Brides was even playing over the speakers.  I was trying not to cry at work because I didn’t want my feelings to effect my professionalism, but as I was helping Aiden put shirts away, I picked up a Black Veil Brides shirt, and my eyes met Ashley’s and I just broke down crying. “Stella what’s wrong? You haven’t been yourself for the longest time and now you’re crying looking at a BVB shirt.” Aiden asked me. “I’m sorry Aiden it’s just Ashley cheated on me a month ago and I guess I’m not over it.” I said sniffling. “I’m sorry to hear that Stella. I know how much you love him and that was wrong of him to do that. Do you miss him?” Aiden asked me.  I thought about it for a moment before I answered. “Yes I do miss him. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. I miss him every day but it’s hard for me to get over what he did.” I said. “Well you will never get any closure if you don’t talk to him. I’m not telling you what to do but I would talk to him about it and ask him why he did what he did.” Aiden said getting up. “Thanks I’ll consider that.” I said giving him a small smile. “No problem now get back to work.” Aiden chuckled.

                When I got home, I changed into sweats and a gray tank top. As I sat down to watch tv and eat some ice cream, my doorbell rang. When I opened the door, I saw Ashley standing there and he looked like he had been crying. “Stella can we talk?” he asked me. I didn’t want to let him in and I definitely didn’t want to see him, but he looked so helpless and it was time for us to talk and face the situation.  “Yeah sure come in Ashley.” I said stepping aside to let him in.  I turned off the tv so there wouldn’t be any distractions and was waiting for him to say something but we sat in silence for a few minutes. “So um how have you been?” Ashley asked me. “I have been as ok as a person who was cheated on could be.” I said not looking at him. “Look Stella the reason I came over is because I miss you. I miss you like crazy. I haven’t been eating or sleeping. I can’t even perform onstage like I used to because all I can think about was you.”Ashley said in a sad voice. “Well that’s your own fault Ashley. I didn’t tell you to fuck Stephanie. That was all you. Do you even know how badly you hurt me?” I said looking up at him with tears in my eyes. He just looked at me in silence. “You fucking hurt me deeply Ashley. I was in bed for weeks. I couldn’t go to work because all I saw was you. Becca and the rest of your bandmates had to prevent me from ending my life over you because they knew how much I loved you.” I said crying. “Do you still love me?” Ashley asked me.  “I don’t know how I feel about you anymore.” I said standing up. “Oh. Well I still love you and I can never be sorry enough for doing what I did to you.” Ashley said heading towards the door. I just stared at his ass for a moment. “God I miss that ass so much” I thought to myself. I was gonna regret what I was about to do. “Ashley!” I said running towards him. He stopped and I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was stunned for a second but he kissed me back.  “Ashley I do love you and I missed you like crazy. I need you in my life. Just don’t do that to me ever again.” I said looking into his eyes. “I promise baby you have my word.” Ashley said kissing me again. We stood there and just kissed for a bit. He was trying to take off my shirt but I stopped him midway. “No Ashley you’re not getting any for awhile. Now go home.” I said shooing him away. I’m gonna make him suffer for what he did to me.

                A few days later Becca and I were having a girls day getting our nails done then lunch. “So Stella what’s new with you?” Becca asked me. “Well I saw Ashley the other day.” I replied. “Really? What happened?” Becca asked me wide-eyed. “Well he just said that he was sorry and he saw the hurt he left me in and then I saw his ass as he was leaving and I just ran over and kissed him and now we’re kinda back together.” I explained. “Wow Stella well whatever makes you happy but if he ever does that to you again, I’ll hurt him.” She said. “Thanks Becca always looking out for me. Anyway how are you and Andy doing?” I asked her. “We’re good. Actually we just moved in together.” Becca said smiling. “That’s great! I’m so happy for you.” I said smiling at her. “Yeah so you and Ashley planning on moving in together anytime soon?” she asked me. “Well not right now because of what he did but maybe if the timing is right we will. I’ll have to think about it.” I said looking down at my freshly painted nails. “Good idea. Don’t rush into moving in. Especially after what he put you through.” Becca said paying for our nails. The rest of the day went well and Becca was right. I do have a lot to think about before even considering moving in with Ashley.

Sorry it was kinda short. I had planned on writing more but I’m just having a bad day. Thanks everybody for the almost 800 reads and there will be more to come! XOXO, Kristan

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