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Am holding the bleeding lady and my brain completely blank right now, I don't know what to do and the injury is so deep.

"W-w-what do I do,am confused" I said on the verge of tears,I hate seeing people like this that's one reason I can't be a doctor.

"I-i-got hurt in a-a a vision which affected me,which why dont u save me in the vision" she coughed out more blood

"But I can't save my friends in a vision I...." she cut me off

"You ca-ca can only save them from a vision" she's beginning to loose more blood and her heart rate is dropping fast

"Do it now" she whispered

"I don't know how" I sobbed

"Look into my eyes,just concentrate" she whispered while more blood were seeping out of her mouth

I gulped and held her hand tightly and stared into her cold blue eyes and she let out a scream and I saw myself in a cave on my knees

I got up and it's quite dark in here

"Um lady" I said since I don't know her name

"Come find me" I heard a voice from the caves

"How" I asked while walking in the caves and bending to avoid seaweeds and twigs.

"Just follow the echoes of my voice" she whispered and i kept walking and walking till I saw a small Lake, I can't cross but then I noticed something,the water is frozen inside but watery outside.

I dipped my hand in the water but then I was just touching ice

Something must be in here

I stepped back a little and ran forward crashing into the lake and breaking through the ice.

I was screaming as I fell on the ground harshly

I saw a shadow of a figure lying down.

I rushed and saw the lady I bent to touch her but then she disappeared

Is this an illusion?

Is she playing with me

I know am feeling bad for her right now but it ain't right for to be toying with me.

And I can't get the fuck the outta here till I find her.

"Save me pls" she whispered

"Look lady am tryna like save ur ass but you busy playing hide and seek with me but you know what, tag'you are it, i ain't finding u no more." I cussed.

I don't get this is so unlike me to be cussing at people or cursing

"It's the ionite in the cave,it's get people angry,especially harbingers,evil werewolves use it as a distraction for the harbinger to loose control. Hold yourself tight and fight it" The voice that calls itself me said

I clenched my fists and closed my eyes real tight and thought of magical lolipops,I opened my eyes and kept walking down the cave till I got to turn and saw the lady bleeding

I ran to her

"H-h-help me" she coughed

"Honestly I don't know what to do" i shook my head whike holding her hand

"Bite me" she said and i arched a brow

"B-b am sorry bite you?" I asked

"Just do it" she begged further

"Okay here goes nothing" I sighed and sank my teeth into her neck,she screamed and I came out from the vision and was back in my living room with her.

The Injury has finally healed but then I felt dizzy and fainted.

Am I gonna be okay???

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