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"Who are you?" My choked gasp was answered with a husky laugh. Stubbornly I refused to look into his eyes, to see the cold hazel eyes looking down at me with hatred. But the moment my chin was forcefully lifted, I was hypnotized like every other time.

I hated it, yet I craved it like no other. 

"Lethal." His word was even harsher when his lips crashed on me.


Isaiah Dominic has been known as the lethal since he joined the Southside Serpent. Everyone knows to stay away from him, especially girls like Grace Knight. Who wants to see the end of every MC in the town, who knows how to handle being in pain, who believes in being heartless. 

Fire and Ice.

Two lost souls playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Will this lethal game finally make them stronger or break them ever farther?


Started: 03/07/18

Finished: 26/08/18




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