Chapter 24- Fun Time!

I woke up by my alarm and I groaned. I checked the time and it was 7 in the morning.


Shoot! I'm late! I'm late!

I  ran to bathroom and got my toothpaste and put it in my tootbrush, but some fell in the sink. I started brushing my teeth as I got my comb out from my drawer and brushed my hair in a hurry.

I changed into a sky blue tanktop and some white micro shorts as fast as I could then ran to my closet and got a pair of doll socks to wear my white low cut converse.

I ran back, did my hair into a ponytail and got my luggages. As I dragged both my heavy suitcases, my hand slipped and one if the luggages fell going down and it decided to open up. Some of my clothes scattered so I decided leave those because one luggage is enough. I slammed the door open, went out and


"And look do we have here!" Aiden said while Ciara and Zach bursted out laughing.

What on earth is going on-

"Good morning Hey-Hey!" Zach smirked.

"Did you do this?" I asked Ciara because I could see the smile forming her face.

"Nope! Aiden did!" She patted my head and went in. I glared at Aiden, but he was too busy laughing at my picture.

We all went inside and Ciara went to the luggage that fell. She bent down and picked up the clothes that fell.

"Seriously?" Ciara rose her eyebrows. I shrugged and went to the boys.

"Ugh, Hey-Hey, you've got a little something all over your face. I mean, you got it all over your face," Zach pointed and motioned my face.

I went to the bathroom in the living room to look at my face. There was dried toothpaste on my chin and my ponytail was messy. I washed my chin, and did my hair again.

I went out of the bathroom and saw Aiden smirking at me. I passed him and bent down to get my clothes on the floor and folded it neatly. I knew Zach and Ciara already left so it was just me and him.

"Oh come on Heather. Ok, I know it was a really mean joke, but I just wanted to do it to make you laugh."

I rose my eyebrows at him."To make me laugh? Or for you guys?" I crossed my arms.

"I'm sorry Heather." he lowered his head and that made my feel guilty. I went to him and kissed his cheek.

"I'm sorry. I guess I answered you too harsh. Why don't we just go?" He smiled at me and helped me put my clothes back in my luggage. We both went to the Mustang and left.

°~ °

After we arrived, I went out and I was gawking because the view was beautiful.

"Welcome to Monte Paradise." Zach shouted at his got our luggages. Instead of helping him, I ran to the beach and and played with the water forgetting about Aiden with the luggages.

I turned around and saw Aiden grinning at me. I went to him and kissed him on the lips.

"I'm guessing this will be the best vacation week-ish, ever!"

"Come on, lets put our things inside the house." I got one of my luggage and carried it while Aiden carried my other luggage and his own luggage.

We were walking on the warm sand and I saw big 2 houses. One was near because we were walking towards it while the other house was far which was like about 3 miles.

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