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Amar Pratap Devaraju : A 27-year old brave, handsome, intelligent and righteous man from one of the richest families of India. Mentored by his aunt, joins family business at a tender age of 17. Currently a successful business magnate. Anirudh's cousin. Loves him like a brother. 

Vennela Dhanunjaya : A kind, sweet, strong and independent 24-year old granddaughter of a business tycoon. Rejects the family wealth and leads a middle class life. Amar's wife and Anirudh's sister-in-law.

Shambhavi and Bharat Devaraju : Anirudh's parents. A strict mother and friendly father.

Shruthi Dhanunjaya :  Vennela's cousin. A 21 year old engineering student. Chirpy, bubbly and adorable. Anirudh's love interest.

Rishikesh and Rajat Dhanunjaya : 17 year old twins. Vennela's cousins. Mischief makers of the family. Collectively called Rishi-Raj.  

Prakash and Nanditha Dhanunjaya: Shruthi's parents. They adopt Vennela after her parents' death.  

Lasya Dhanunjaya : Vennela's cousin and Amar's ex-fiancee. A 25-year old ambitious businesswoman.  


Anirudh Devaraju : Bharat and Shambhavi's son. A 24-year old happy go lucky boy. Loves his cousin Amar like a brother and is always loyal to him. Respects Vennela like a sister.   

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