Clinging to Jonathan's arm, Lilah walked beside him, the rain pelting down against her face. She still felt weak, from the antidote Jonathan had given to her, but he had also promised it would wear off in a little while. The abandoned house was only just ahead and Jonathan had decided to take Freddy and Adam, who trailed behind them, carrying the gasoline. Reaching the undercover section just before the front door, Jonathan stopped,

"You two go ahead." He ordered Adam and Freddy who both nodded, entering the house. Turning his attention to Lilah, his expression was serious, "You stay here." He whispered, "We will not be long." He said. Lilah gave him a nod and Jonathan opened his mouth as if to speak once more, "I-"

"What?" Lilah frowned, raising her eyebrow at him. Jonathan stood upright, readjusting his jacket before turning his back on her,

"Nothing." He muttered, "Just stay here." and without another word, Jonathan disappeared into the house, leaving Lilah alone outside. Taking a seat on the cold ground, Lilah brought her knees up to her chest, resting her chin atop of her knees. The rain continued to fall, bringing a cold breeze along with it, but it was no matter to her, she had grown to love the rain, something that had changed since she first met Jonathan. Lifting her head, Lilah looked around, she could have sworn she heard a crash of some sort, as the sound came again, Lilah rose unsteadily to her feet. She was hoping that it was only Jonathan, but as the seconds past, her suspicion grew, someone was watching her,

"What is Jonathan Crane up to?" Turning on her heel, Lilah came face to face with the masked vigilante himself, the man they had called Batman. Looking at him, he was far more impressive then she thought he would be, however, his deep, husky voice almost made her laugh when he spoke,

"Batman, I'm guessing?" The masked man took a step towards her, but Lilah stood her ground,

"And you're Carmine Falcone's stepdaughter, Lilah." He said, Lilah remained silent, she was too weak to take on this man,

"You better go run and hide before you really regret it." She snapped, she wanted to scream, just anything to warn Jonathan, but she was already using the last of her strength to try and give the illusion that she was stronger then what he thought. The masked vigilante, in one swift movement, seemed to fly forward, his gloved hands, grabbing Lilah's biceps before he pulled out a gun and shot a hook-like claw towards one of the rooftops, sending the two of them flying through the air and onto the rooftop. Pushing against Batman's chest, Lilah successfully squirmed free, sending a high kick to Batman's chest, knocking his off-balance, however, he was clearly a man who had training in combat as he immediately regained his balance, once again moving forward. Taking a few steps backward, Lilah found herself on the edge of building, there was no escape,

"What's Crane's plan?" The husky voice came, his tone demanding and intimidating,

"Why don't you go ask him. I'm sure he'll love to talk!" She cried, running forwards and throwing a punch at Batman who caught her hand,

"Why protect him? What do you have to gain?" Lilah paused, the man had a point, but she wasn't going to take advice from a man who hid behind a mask. Once she returned a smart-arse smile, Batman once again took her in his arm, using the same hook to attach onto the abandoned house. Entering through the open window, Lilah was thrown to the ground with a thud, causing a shooting pain up her spine and she even let out a small groan. Glancing around quickly, she noticed that Jonathan was nowhere in sight, but now that everything had grown quiet, she could hear his voice from the floor below them as he instructed Adam and Freddy to burn the place down. Pulling her to her feet, Batman locked eyes with her and it was then she noticed that he had brown eyes,

"This is your last chance, Lilah. Tell me what Crane's plan is and I'll let you go." Once again, Lilah was silent, "If you're protecting him out of love, you're a fool. Men like Crane don't feel love." Batman informed her. Lilah smiled,

"I don't know what you're talking about, 'Bats'"

"I'm no fool. I know love when I see it." He said. Feeling around on the table beside them, Lilah's hand ran over something that felt like a small glass. Laughing lightly, Lilah shook her head,

"Love is for children and fools." Smashing the glass against Batman's head, he loosened his hold on her, giving Lilah a small window of opportunity to jump towards the window. Moments away from escape, Lilah felt a wire of some sort wrap around her left ankle, causing her to abruptly stop in mid-air. Looking back at Batman, she saw that it was he, who had trapped her and she was a fool that had fallen into his trap. Walking towards her, Batman pressed a small flashing dot onto a nearby table that was just out of arms reach before before turning on his heel and heading down the stairs, 

"Jim Gordon will be along to pick you up soon." Hanging in the air, Lilah tried to remove the wire that held her in place with no luck, instead, the wire seemed to cut into her skin, sending a sharp pain through her leg. Listening to the commotion beneath her, she could hear a series of voices, none of which she could recognize as Jonathan's.

"Jonathan!?" She cried out, but it was like no one could hear her. Falling silent, she listened to the sound of shattering glass and then the running of feet. What if he got Jonathan? Lilah thought to herself, once again attempting to be rid of the wire.

"Lilah!?" Freezing, Lilah listened to the voice that continued to call her name. It was Jonathan. There was no doubt about it. Struggling, she tried so desperately to get free as Jonathan continued to call her name, but each time she tried, it seemed that the wire only got tighter, causing more and more pain. Eventually, Jonathan's voice was drowned out by sirens, which was then followed by authoritative voices and heavy footsteps that ran up the stairs to where she was being held,

"The tracker leads in here!" A voice called, before the door was kicked down and a series of men and Jim Gordon flooded the room, all of their eyes locked onto Lilah. But it wasn't their gazes that bothered her. It was the look of disappointment in Jim's eyes as he moved towards her,

"Hello, Lilah." He said, his voice filled with disbelief and pain. Lilah couldn't help but smile at him,

"Hello, Jim. 

Authors Note: So, the next chapter will actually be from Jim's point of view! Thanks for reading! 

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