The Legend of Zelda: Times End

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*Zelda's POV*

The candle's light reflected off of the damp stone walls of the castle. I had to be careful;one mistep and- "Princess?" I was cut off by one of the guards. "What are you doing out this late?" I recognized the voice of my trusted friend "Oh..hehe....Hi Rin" I replied awkwardly.

"Hi, now tell me what your doing out here!" He said sternly. Gods, he was quite bossy for a guard.

" know perfectly well what I'm doing out here, I'm trying to see the city!" I felt the anger bubbling up inside of me.

He gave me a look of disapproval " know why I can't do that, your father would have my head!Why do you wanna leave anyways?You're a princess, you can have practically anything here!"

Gods, I hated when he called me 'Zel.' "Stop calling me by that nickname! I want to go down there so i can see the state of the city, I heard the maids speaking about it; they seemed terrified!"

"Just go to your room!" he yelled.

"Fine!" I gave up.There's just no winning with him. I walked back to my room as sassily as possible, just to show how annoyed I was. 'Someday I'll get out of here...' I thought to myself. I decided to walk to my nightstand. I got out my mirror and brushed my hair; that always helped relax my nerves. Whenever I looked into the mirror, I never saw the real me, I saw a dainty little princess with long yellow hair, a small girly nose, and big blue eyes. I always wore a white dress, with a blue coat, and a small belt that had a blue banner hanging off of it with the royal symbol embroidered on it.

It was the 22nd century, yet we still lived with kings and queens. I went to lay down on my bed and began to think about what the maids had said.


The air smelled of old food and hylian bass. I was much too close to the dumpster in the kitchen. I was hiding in one of the supply closets like I always did(so I could overhear the maids gossip). "I swear the master is letting this kingdom rot! Its disgusting! Nothing but punks and bandits!" I heard one of them say.

"I know, it's simply disgusting." replied a second voice "And that so called 'guild' is nothing but a band of thieves."

"NO THEY'RE NOT!" I yelled "Oops..." Luckily for me, they're a bunch of old, easily scared women. 'Maybe next time...' I thought. 'Maybe next time i'll see it for myself.'

*End Flashback*

No,not this time. But someday, I WILL get out of here! Just as I was about to fall asleep, a song suddenly began to play. It was strangely familiar, and it sounded a bit like a lullaby. It would've put me to sleep if it hadn't already struck my curiosity. I jumped out of my bed, eager to find the source of the music.

I walked closer to the doorway of my tower, in which I slept. When I first looked through the doorway, I thought I was staring into a mirror. But something was off. The woman I saw looked older, less dainty, yet at the same time, elegant. A ghostly light surrounded her. Then, as I thought it couldn't get any more abnormal, she turned and began to walk away. Just before she stepped down onto the staircase, she turned to me, as if she expected me to follow her. For some strange reason, my concious told me I could trust her, so I followed her.

It was dark, but the light she emitted allowed me to see where I was going. I followed the woman down the staircase, through the throne room, out the inner walls, until we finaly reached the garden. I had never been to this part of the castle, mostly because I had no time to simply gaze at flowers. The garden was beautiful, flowers of every color littered the ground around the mossy cobble pathway, and an amazing tree with strange blue leaves stood in the middle.

The strange woman paused for a moment. She then continued her stroll to a lazily built wall with a large crack in the middle. The ghost (I just assumed she was one) dissapeared through the wall. I crawled through the small crack, only to be greeted by the most beautiful room I've ever seen. The entire area was lit by strange creatures emmiting light.There were two waterfalls of stone on either wall, flowers were scattered around the ground, and a bridge of stone ran over a pool of water. The ghost floated around two headstones across the bridge. One was gold,surounded by weapons and trophies. The other, slightly smaller headstone was silver, surrounded with flowers the same color as the royal symbol (gold and blue) and some beautiful jewelery.

I crossed the bridge of stone to the grave she floated over,the small silver one. I knew what she wanted immediately. I kneeled down and read the words enscribed on the grave: "Here lies Queen Zelda". At first I was confused, but my mind quickly comprehended the situation. I broke into tears realizing what it meant. I looked up at the ghost with wet eyes. "Mom?" i asked. She slowly nodded and faded away without a single word.

I was just about to leave, hoping to forget all that happened tonight, to find that it was all a dream. Then I saw a chest that was hidden amongst the flowers and grass. 'Perhaps this is why I'm here' I thought. I opened the chest and found the greatest treasure anyone could have given me;my ticket out.

*A/N:So what do ya think? I know it's not perfect but I'm just starting out.Maybe when I get better, I'll come back and redo it! So, what's in the chest, you ask? Well, I guess you'll just have to wait! Mwahahaha, I'm so evil. Oh,and special thanks to my editor:dinochainsaw! She's awesome! Please comment if you like it!

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