Chapter 6

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Tier'ghan gently shifted Quenoor, careful not to touch his arms. The strange tendrils had burnt right though his sleeves and scorched the skin underneath leaving behind raw and oozing wounds. Quenoor's ragged breathing interspersed with soft moans had a sharp heat building in Tier'ghan's chest. It didn't help that he could feel Quenoor's magic fading. He wasn't sure if he should be more alarmed by the fact he could sense Quenoor's magic or the fact that he could tell that he'd recently been given a strong sedative. That was beside the point right now. He needed a medic, and quickly.

Orvil, Serenity and the cleric crowded around Charlemain who seemed to be calming down. A loud discussion was going on in the hallway outside. Quenoor lay shuddering in Tier'ghan's embrace, but no one paid them any attention. That wouldn't do.

"Orvil! Serenity! I need a medic now!"

Orvil turned to look at him, frowned and then nodded. "I'll go fetch one."

Serenity finished helping Charlemain get comfortable on the pile of cushions. Tier'ghan glared at her as she approached where he sat on the floor with Quenoor, the cleric trailing behind her.

"How long were you going to make him wait?!" Tier'ghan bristled. "And what did you do to him?"

"Do to him?" Serenity echoed as she knelt next to them. "The trammel did this."

"That's not what I'm talking about. He's been given a powerful sedative sometime in the last day."

Serenity didn't say anything and didn't look at him. She reached for Quenoor and Tier'ghan swatted her away.

"Don't touch him. You've hurt him enough."

She snorted and shook her head. "He's dangerous, Tier'ghan. We had to use a level four containment to get him ... calmed down."

"Calmed down? You don't use a level four to 'calm down' someone. I know full well it's only used for dangerous magical creatures. Why would you do that to him? He saved my life! He brought me here of his own free will and then you treat him like some aberration just because he's Sidhe! Now he's saved Charlemain too and what thanks has he gotten?"

Serenity raised her hands. "Calm down. I didn't know he was Sidhe when he first arrived. I thought he was either a horse thief or a rogue mage. We had to take precautions when Orvil accidentally read his thoughts and saw his plan to murder the barkeeper. That's all. We'll make certain he gets healed."

"Damn straight. And then he's free to go." He knew that was most definitely not 'all' of it. You don't accidentally read someone's thoughts unless they are projecting very clearly and he doubted that had been the case. Then again it seemed everything he thought he knew about Orvil was wrong. He'd been a student at the Academy since he was twelve. Ten years and never once had the Magister seemed anything out of the ordinary.

Serenity grimaced and started to shake her head.

"I said, he's free to go when he wants."

"I have to clear that with Magister Novi. She's wanting to speak with him about his background and condition."

"No." Condition? What condition? It didn't sound like she meant his current injuries.

Serenity sighed. "That's not your call, Tier'ghan. He's dangerous and we don't know what a were-dragon might be capable of."

Were-dragon? There had to be some mistake. Certainly Quenoor's magic felt different than any he'd ever encountered, but such a thing couldn't be possible. Could it? Did it even matter? Quenoor had risked his life. Twice. Only be to treated harshly for his trouble. The heat in Tier'ghan's chest sharpened into anger and he gritted his teeth reminding himself he had to answer civilly. "I said no. Anyone who tries to touch him will have to go through me."

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