Escape To Safety

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I watched as the two girls and theirs dragons ran past me. I looked up and saw Kai. He was covering my mouth with a gloved hand. He let go of me and stepped back. "Kai! What are you doing?" I snapped at him. "I saw you with those new trainers my dad caught. I don't know why you were helping them and I guess it's not of my business, but I overheard the blond haired girl talking to her dragon. She said: something is up with this Destiny girl, once we're off this island I'll make sure to find out what. I don't want to leave my friend with her." Kai told me in a concerned voice. I gasped, although it didn't come as too much of a surprise. "Remember how I said I was looking for my sister, Autumn?" I asked. "Yes..." Kai replied. "She's the one with the grey Razorwhip. The other girl, the one you overheard, is her friend Runa" I explained. "Oh Thor, are you sure?" "Yes, I'm sure! I'm trying to get them off this island so they're safe. It's too dangerous for them to work with Gunnar!" I told him. "I agree, but what are you going to do?" Kai asked. "I'll come back, I still have to reunite you are Fireball and besides, I want to take down this hunting operation" "Are you sure? You could escape now, you don't need my help anyway..." Kai said, but I could tell he seemed sad. "No, I made you a promise and I'm going to keep it. But for now I need to get them off this island. And sort out whatever Runa is up to! I'll talk to you when I'm back" I said. "Okay, if anyone gets suspicious I'll make a distraction. And if I were you I would head to the beach by the woods, it's not as heavy guarded" Kai grinned. "Thanks, I knew I could count on you" I said as I gave him a quick hug, then add, "and thank you for telling me about what Runa said." Then I turned and ran after Autumn.

I finally caught up with the group who were sitting on a fallen tree. "There you are! Where did you go? Leaving us to the wolves?" Runa demanded with annoyance. "It doesn't matter, right now we just need to leave before sunrise, follow me" I said as I ran towards the beach. We reached the edge of the woods and found a small beach with black rocks bordering it. On the rocks lay sleeping guards. There were too many trees around us to take off into the air from here... we would need to get on the beach. "How do we get past them?" Autumn asked in a whisper. "Let's just quietly take off" I suggested. I heard Runa snort behind me, but ignored her. We crawled forwards onto the soft, wet sand. Runa climbed onto RainbowFlash and Autumn onto SmokeDrip. I let SmokeDrip sniff my hand, then gently stroked the long horn on his snout. He purred softly. I walked over to Autumn who held out a hand for me to get up.

"Hey! Where do you think your going?" Asked a ruff voice from behind me. I turned around and saw a guard walking over to us. The other guards woke up and started heading over. I heard Autumn let out a nervous squeak. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You look like prisoners trying to escape!" Another guard said with an amused grin. "Excuse me! We are the newly recruited dragon trainers working with Sir Gunnar himself! In fact, we are on our way to gather training materials! Show a little more respect, because I don't think Gunnar would like to hear how we've just been treated!" I said in an outraged voice. The guards looked at one another and whispered to each other. One guard nodded and said "yes, I heard he did recruited new trainers yesterday." Then the first guard spoke up, "please accept our apologies and be on your way." I nodded then turned around, took Autumns hand and pulled myself onto SmokeDrip's back. With a flew flaps of his powerful wings we were in the air and gliding over the blue ocean.

"Wow that was amazing Destiny!" Autumn told me. "I can't believe that actually worked!" Runa snapped sarcastically. "Well it did" I growled back at her. "It was stupid and you shouldn't have done it!" Runa replied. "Now that we're off the island what do we do?" Autumn asked. "Umm, good question. To be honest I wasn't sure if we would make it this far" I replied and Runa groaned. "Well me and Autumn passed a few good islands that weren't too far away, maybe we could go to one of them?" Runa suggested. Although I didn't trust her, I agreed. It would at least give me time to figure out what's she was up to. "That sounds good, just make sure it's hidden" I said. "Ooh, ohh, let's go to that one with the tall grass and abandoned Whispering Death holes!" Autumn said with excitement. "That sounds great, is it safe?" I asked. "Yep, Hole Island is completely abandoned since the far side of the island collapsed and let in the sea water into some tunnels" Runa explained. I glanced at Autumn who nodded and had a large smile on her face. "Okay, I guess that's where we're going!" I decided.

"Destiny, I can't believe that I'm with you again!" Autumn said. "Of course you are Autumn, I would have never stopped looking for you" I said as I leant forwards and hugged my little sister. Although I couldn't see Runa, I could have sworn she rolled her eyes. "What happened? How did you get here?" Autumn asked. "That's a long story, but I could ask you the same. Anyway, I'll tell you everything once we're safely on the island" I replied. Autumn smiled and then faced Runa. "This is my older sister Destiny, the one I was always telling you about. She's the best!" Autumn smiled. Runa nodded and attempted a smile. "And Destiny look, I have a dragon!" Autumn said and SmokeDrip chirped happily. "I can see that!" I laughed. "His name is Eclipse!" Autumn told me. "Wow, he's one strong, handsome Razorwhip" I said and Eclipse purred. "And this is my girl Firefly" Runa said. "Wow, she seems very rare" I said as I held out a hand which she sniffed then licked. "Priceless" Runa replied with a smug grin. "Hey, the dragons never growled at Destiny or anything!" Autumn realised. "Your right. That's unusual, they normally don't like people at all..." Runa said with suspension. "I guess I just have a bond with them" I grinned as we flew over a calm sea, waiting to reach the island.

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