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The next morning when Kazuha woke up, she slowly opened her eyes to know if she can see now or not. She was very nervous and worried. She started to overthink and thought about stuff like what if I'll never see again? what if it's not temporary?

When she finally opened her eyes she realized that she still can't see. Panic spread throughout her body and her breathing became irregular. Oh no! I'll never see again! I'm officially blind! Kazuha sobbed with a heavy heart. She was shaking with fear and tears were falling down on her cheeks. Is this how her life will be like? Pain after pain.

"Kazuha?" Heiji called from outside the door. "Are you awake?" 

Kazuha immediately wiped her tears and laid back on bed. She faked her sleep because she didn't want him to worry more about her.

He knocked on the door before opening it. Heiji stared at her 'sleeping' figure and walked towards her. He sat on her bed and looked at her with the softest expression and caressed her soft brunette hair.

"Kazuha, wake up. It's time for breakfast." Heiji said in a normal voice. He knows that he doesn't need to shout because Kazuha is a very light sleeper unlike him. He was surprised that she didn't wake up when he called her from the door. Unless she was faking her sleep.

"Kazuha? I know you're probably awake now. Come on."

"I'm tired." Kazuha finally answered but her eyes were still closed.

"Do you want me to bring breakfast here, and we eat together alone?" Heiji suggested.

"I'm tired." Kazuha said the same thing again.

"Okay fine, I'll bring the breakfast here. Wait for me." Heiji said as he decided himself on what to do in this situation.

Kazuha sighed but internally she was happy. She was happy to know that even if she was blind and depressed, he would always be with her. She would be the same with him of course. Be with him through his best and worst times.

After a few minutes he came back to her room with a large tray that contained, pancakes, all types of fruits and fresh orange juice.

Kazuha sat up when she heard the door open again and opened her eyes even though she couldn't see anything.

Heiji looked at her worriedly. He knew that she still couldn't see from the emptiness in her eyes and the fact that she was looking in a completely wrong way.

He put the tray in front of Kazuha's crosses legs and softly touched her face. "Kazuha what do you want to eat first? Pancakes, fruits, or do you want to drink orange juice?" Heiji asked. He didn't want to show her how much she affected him. He didn't want to make her feel less normal because of everything she went through. He wanted to make her feel loved and cherished and happy. That was his goal right now. Screw everything. She's the most important thing to him right now. So he decided to talk to her normally, not like she was an eggshell about to break.

"Umm, I guess orange juice." Kazuha answered.

Heiji took the orange juice and slowly guided it to her mouth, that's when Kazuha got ahold of it and drank the rest by herself.

After that Heiji fed her breakfast slowly and carefully making sure not to spill everything on bed because his mother will kill him if he does. Kazuha appreciated the fact that Heiji is taking his time to feed her rather than eat himself but she also felt like a burden. She hated the fact that she could barely even eat herself. Suddenly she thought what if he leaves her because he's bored of her problems and having to take care of her. What if he's just doing this because he feels pity for her. These thoughts became bigger and worse the more she thought about them and she was overthinking way too much to the point where she was shaking. Oh god, she felt very sentimental and she hated it. Heiji noticed immediately and was confused. Did he do something wrong? What happened?

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