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December 25th, 1994.

You let out a tired sigh, setting the telephone receiver down. You took a look around the bedroom before tearing up a little. You had just gotten off the phone with your husband, Michael - and the conversation had ended with the two of you in an argument. However, it hadn't come as a surprise to you, because Michael and yourself always argued.

Peace had now become a stranger to the both of you. In fact, many a time - you would worry about where your marriage was going. For the past year, the two of you had done nothing but argue.

After a moment, movement caught your eye - and when you turned your head, you saw Carol - the chief of staff at Neverland.

"(Y/N), is everything okay?" she frowned a little upon seeing your form. "You don't look too good,"

You flashed her a small smile, running your hands along your thighs in a bid to calm yourself down.

"Uh...yeah," you sniffed, making Carol frown further. She then made a face as if she knew you were lying. Her look earned a small laugh from you before you stood up. "Michael's out again," you sighed. "He's at a Christmas party,"

Carol's expression softened when she saw the tears streaming down your face. She quickly made her way toward you, rubbing your back.

"He...he doesn't want to come home," you sniffed. "He always wants to be out. Without me,"

It was the truth, in a way. Michael had always wanted to be out, and since it was the Christmas season - he had reason to always be out.

"It's alright, darling," Carol whispered.

A moment passed before you straightened up, grabbing your car keys from the bedside table.

"I'm going to the church," you rubbed your eyes. "I need the Holy Spirit," you laughed a bit before beginning to walk out. You turned around just as you reached the doorway. "If Michael calls....don't tell him where I am,"

Carol smiled, nodding.

"You can count on me,"


You sped along the wet road, looking straight ahead as you gripped the steering wheel tightly. Tears streamed down your face as you tried to shut out the haunting thoughts that swam around in your mind.

Everything was a mess. Your relationship problems with Michael being the center of it all. The pinnacle.

The thoughts clouded your mind's vision, and the tears clouded your physical vision. You stepped on the accelerator - making the vehicle move faster.

The conversation that you'd had with Michael earlier, ran through your mind. Everything was becoming more of a mess, the more you thought about it.

Suddenly, the car skidded - and before you knew it, everything went black.

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