As Lilah entered the lab that was filled with men all busily working, Jonathan narrowed his eyes at her, almost immediately striding towards her, "You're late." He snapped, glaring at Adam and Freddy who both exchanged looks of concern, 

"I made a new friend." Lilah answered for them. Setting his cold eyes on her, he showed no sign of mercy on his face, 

"I'll deal with you later." He growled, "As for you two." He began, looking back to Adam and Freddy, "Get out of my sight before I turn you into a blubbering ball of fear." Without so much as a whisper, both men hurried off, leaving her alone with Jonathan, who stepped outside the lab into the narrow corridor, Lilah close behind him. As soon as they were out of sight, Jonathan grabbed her arm and quickly pushed her against the wall,

"Nice to see you to." Lilah winced in pain. 

"Would you care to tell me why you were at Gotham General?" He asked, his eyes locked onto her. Now that she looked at him, Lilah had to admit he looked tired and extremely irritable, as if the man hadn't slept in months, 

"My, my, seems everyone has questions for me today." She replied lightly. Jonathan smirked, 

"I was informed you were with a man." He said.

"Ah, yes. Thomas Elliot." Lilah nodded, "Good guy. Like a brother, really." She added, locking her eyes onto Jonathan's, "I've known him since I was a child." 

"Why should I believe you?" Jonathan cooed, tilting his head. Lilah shrugged her shoulders, she would have pulled the 'Team' card or even the 'Mistress of Fear' card. But the look in Jonathan's eyes told her to do what she was told. After a few minutes of silence, Jonathan finally spoke, "Thomas Elliot?" He questioned, "That one had quite a few little problems if I remember correctly." 

"You were his doctor, weren't you?" Lilah asked, trying to tread carefully. Jonathan nodded once, 

"That was quite a few years ago now." His tone was crisp and assertive as always. 

"I promise you, there is nothing going on between myself and Thomas." Lilah whispered, her eyes avoiding his at all cost. As those words escaped her lips, Jonathan smiled, his eyes examining her before he tilted his head, 

"What's in your pocket?" He asked. Lilah took a small breath, 


"Do not lie to me." Taking the pills out of her pocket, she handed them to Jonathan who looked over the label carefully before his expression softened, "So, the Fear Gas did have side affects..." Lilah remained silent, watching him before he set his eyes back onto her, "Hearing voices or Hallucinations?" He asked, 

"Voices." She answered. Jonathan sighed, 

"I figured as much. The Gas I used on you was in my early stages." He mumbled more to himself then her. "So, I take it Elliot gave you these?" Lilah nodded, crossing her arms over her chest, "You went to him and not me?" This time, Lilah smiled, 

"Do I detect jealously?" 

"Lilah, Jealousy is the fear of being inadequate! I promise you that I'm very well equipped to deal with my own issues... And that's exactly what I'm going to do with Elliot" He smiled. Lilah's eyes widened,

"What are you going to do? You can't hurt Thomas." She told him. 

"I never said I would hurt him. But I did say that this privilege I bestowed on you came at a price" Jonathan replied. Pushing herself off of the wall, Lilah locked eyes with him,

"And I haven't once forgotten that price. Thomas means no harm." She said, in hope to even begin reasoning with Jonathan, but the likelihood of that happening was slim to none, "You can't tell me you won't hurt him. Fair enough, you may not physically hurt him, but I bet you're dying to have a new subject to test your precious Fear Gas on." Her words were harsh, and not to mention more than a little risky. Jonathan's eyes darkened. He looked as if his face was replaced by that of an animal's,

"What need of a new subject would I have, when I have you... My Mistress of Fear" Taking a small step towards her, he held his hand out towards her as if presenting her to a crowd that consisted of the four walls that locked them in the room together. Lilah gave him a small smirk, taking his hand in her own

"Like I said, Thomas doesn't mean anything." She smiled, moving closer to him, "All I needed was a little help to control those nasty little voices in my head." She mused, "All thanks to you." The shadows that took away Jonathan's soft complexion retreated and in that moment, he looked like himself again. But there was always the pit of emotions and semi-psychotic thoughts beneath his smooth skin that hid only just underneath the surface, a constant reminder to Lilah of the brutality Jonathan was capable of if pushed far enough. Lilah believed with all her heart that knowing someone for who they really would always keep her one step ahead. And one step ahead was almost a mile of comfort for Lilah. She wouldn't allow herself to become a pawn in his games and she needed him to be certain that she was and would always be his. Lilah closed her eyes, and drew her lips to the man that acclaimed full ownership over her, and kissed him. Kissing back at first, Jonathan slowly pulled back, causing Lilah to frown at him, whilst Jonathan narrowed his eyes slightly, gently pressing his fingers against his lips before he finally focused on Lilah, who watched him,

"If you think this will convince me to leave Elliot be, you are greatly mistaken." Lilah's averted her eyes from his,

"Sometimes I forget how clever you are." She muttered. Really? Somehow I think you're lying, Lilah. We always knew how clever he was Touching her temple, she attempted to remain calm. The pills had apparently worn off faster then Thomas had anticipated. You wanted it. Didn't you? If Jonathan was speaking, she couldn't hear him, the only thing that filled her ears was screaming. There was a sharp pain in her arm before slowly the screaming began to stop and instead, Jonathan was saying her name over and over,

"Lilah? Can you hear me?" Opening her eyes, she saw that Jonathan had a syringe in his hand and used his other hand to hold her in place back against the brick wall. As soon as he saw that she was once again focused on him, he gave out a small smirk, "That should be the end of those voices once and for all." Lilah swallowed, she had no idea what was going on,

"What did you do?"

"I gave you an antidote." He replied, "The Fear Gas will no longer have any affect on you." He muttered.

"I'm guessing you have one as well?" She asked, pushing herself off of the wall and staggering before grabbing Jonathan's arms for support,

"No." He replied, "I was going to take the one I gave you." Lilah's eyes widened. He had given her his cure?

"Why would you do that?" She whispered, in those brief minutes, she had become exhausted. Jonathan said nothing, as if searching for a reasonable answer before he finally spoke,

"Because... you're my Mistress of Fear."

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