♡The Meet♡

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You laughed as your best friend finished up her makeup in front of her full length mirror. At present moment, you were in your best friend's bedroom, waiting for her to finish getting ready.

You and Luisa, your best friend - were going to see a Michael Jackson concert. Now, the both of you had always been avid fans - and now, the moment was only a few hours away.

The two of you had, along with concert tickets, secured backstage meet and greet passes, and Luisa was utterly excited. You, on the other hand, were more nervous. You worried if the moment would have been as perfect as you had imagined.

"I'm ready!" she turned to face you. "How do I look?"

"Amazing!" you laughed, standing up. "Now can we go before we miss the opening?"

"Of course!"


The two of you had thoroughly enjoyed the concert. The music was spectacular, and the lights were stunning. Many people had fainted during the performance, and it wasn't hard to see why. Michael's performance was at its peak.

Luisa had been screaming the whole time, and once the performance had come to an end - she screamed even louder. She was so excited to meet him, and so were you.

After the concert, you were led by security to a back room - where several other individuals were also waiting to see Michael. There were about eleven of you.

Everyone chattered loudly as you fiddled with your fingers. You were extremely nervous.

After a moment, Michael walked in - and all the individuals ran up to him, excluding you and Luisa. Michael thanked the fans as he hugged them all.

As you watched the way he was with them, you felt your heart sink. This was the moment you had been dreading.

If you had walked up to him, you knew that he would have only seen you as a fan, and nothing else - and that broke your heart.

With a sigh, you turned around to leave. Luisa called your name, but you walked past security - tears in your eyes. You felt like fool.

But as you walked, someone pulled your hand back, and when you saw whom it was - you frowned.

"Mr. Jackson would like to see you," a buff man said. "Privately,"

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