♡Good Enough|Part Three♡

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Once Michael had let Katherine in, he wished you luck, before leaving and shutting the door behind him. Katherine walked over to the sofa and sat down. You sighed and walked over sit down next to her.

A moment of silence persisted before she turned to look at you.

"I wanted to...apologize to you," she began, making you shake your head.

"No, I mean...you're his mother, and-"

"I should never have spoken to you that way," she let out a breath. "The truth is...I think you're everything that Michael needs, and I know that you're a splendid girl,"

You let out a breath, shaking your head. "Then why did you say all that..back at the house?"

Katherine stayed silent before inhaling deeply. She fiddled with her fingers, and her eyes displayed an inexplicable emotion. At that moment, she looked to be the epitome of feminine strength.

"When I first married Joseph, I was just like you," she laughed a little. "Strong minded, and ambitious. It wasn't hard for me to get what I wanted," she shook her head. "But in a way...I was naive," she bit her lip, turning to look at you. "I thought love was a straight road. I didn't know that it would be so difficult. At times, things were so bad that I even wanted to die,"

You looked down, not knowing what to say.

"And when I saw you...for a moment - I was scared. Scared because you resembled me in so many ways. I guess I....I just wanted you to know what I didn't," she let out a breath. "I may have spent my entire life feeling like I wasn't good enough, but you don't have to," she smiled a little. "I'm sorry for what I said..."

"It's okay," you waved her off. Her story had made the both of you tear up. "I mean...you're his mother...and-"

"And I know that he loves you a great deal. I know that the two of you will be happy," she sniffed before taking one of her rings. It was a beautiful jade ring, and she handed it to you. "It always brought me good luck," she grinned. "And now, it will bring good luck to your marriage with Michael,"

"Thank you,"


After Katherine had left, it was an hour before Michael returned. When he did, he was eager to find out how your meeting with his mother had unfolded.

"So," he kissed your cheek. "How'd it go?"

"It went well," you smiled, showing him the ring. His eyes widened.

"My mother always adored that ring," he chuckled. "I take it things went extremely well," he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Well, she shared quite a bit," you leaned against the kitchen counter, fiddling with your ring while he fetched himself a bottle of water from the refrigerator. "I think things are going to be okay now,"

Michael smiled, setting the bottle down before walking up to you - setting his hands on your waist.

"I love you," he whispered. "So much,"

"I love you more," you giggled.

"I love you most,"

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