Running this Shit

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Roused out of the dream for just a few moments

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Roused out of the dream for just a few moments. Just a few quick blinks of the sleepy, weepy eyes, and what is it I see? A familiar face, to be sure. I believe I see Santos, of all people.

Could it be? Yes, I do believe I see Santos leading yet another group of vampires, threading through the dozing mob, winding his way to Father Petie, who is still standing and speaking serenely while his faithful congregation snoozes through the hateful waking sun.

Why is Santos here? I'll have to ask him once I wake up ...

But I'm not the only one with questions for my beautiful former housemate. "Where have you been?" Father Pete asks, and he's not so serene now, no. He's angry. Oh so angry.

"We were feeding."

"You're missing the sermon."

"I've heard it before."

Oddly enough, Santos doesn't seem to be under Father Pete's sway. Not one bit. He's glaring contemptuously at the vampire who just finished giving me the world's greatest mind fuck.

"Well you're late."

"We've been here. We just didn't come up."

"Where did you feed?"

"A friend's house."

"You're getting careless."

Santos sniffs and shrugs. "You said yourself it's time to light a fire," he grumbles.

"Yeah, well, we need more time before we can afford to draw too much attention with the fire. We need more soldiers."

"We'll get more. We'll get plenty. Before long, we'll be running this show."

Father Petie doesn't appear too happy to hear this. He smiles thinly and says, "How would you know? I've been doing this for two thousand years. I was the first."

"And yet you're alone. You were alone, before I brought you the cup."

"You restored to me what was taken."

"And now I'll put you on that throne you always wanted."

"We'll see about that. You have a friend here." Father Pete turns and looks at me. "Recognize him? He came here to spy on us."

"Yeah, I know him," Santos says dismissively. "He's here because that chick Diana sent him, probably to get the cup back."

"The Grail."


"Well, then, let's see what he knows."

Father Pete looks me in the eyes and suddenly my mind is swimming again. It's spiraling down the long black well again.

"Sleep," he says.

And I sleep.

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