♡Good Enough|Part Two♡

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Michael opened the door, letting you in first before he followed. The two of you had just gotten back to Neverland, and you had been very quiet after the short conversation with Katherine. Of course, you hadn't mentioned it to Michael - you didn't want to make big deal out of it.

"(Y/N)..." Michael trailed off, walking up to you as you made your way into the kitchen. You tried to ignore him but he pulled your arm - making you turn around to face him. "What's going on? Ever since we left the house, you've been so quiet. Did something happen?"

You sighed and looked at the floor. You didn't want to tell him, you really didn't. But you knew that communication was vital in your relationship.

"Your...mother doesn't like me,"

"What makes you say that?" Michael frowned.

"She...spoke with me, when I was outside,"

Michael's eyes widened as he rubbed your upper arm.

"What did she say?"

"That no matter how hard I try, I'll never be good enough," you laughed a bit, letting the tears stream down your face. "For you,"

Michael let out a breath and pulled you in for a warm hug. He rubbed your back softly, making you smile a little.

He had always known how to make you feel better.

"I'll talk with mother," he whispered. "I'll sort it out," he pulled away and looked into your eyes. "Now let's get to bed, you need the rest,"


The next morning, you had awoken to Michael - sitting up and running his fingers through your hair. You frowned a little, sitting up as well, and looking at him.

"What time did you wake up?" you laughed a little.

"Several hours ago," he grinned. "I woke up early today so that I could speak with my mother. She wants to talk to you today,"

"What?!" you widened your eyes. "But she hates me!"

"She doesn't, she wants to clear the air with you," he teased. "Trust me, she doesn't hate you,"

"Ugh," you ran your fingers through your hair. "Is she coming here?"

Michael nodded.


"Any minute now," he chuckled. Your eyes widened even further.

"Are you serious?! I'm barely ready!" you got off of the bed and grabbed your robe, wrapping it around you to make yourself look more decent.

Michael got off of the bed as well, making his way toward you and setting his hands on your shoulders. At that moment, the doorbell rang, and your heart leaped in your chest.

"That'll be her," he kissed your forehead. "You'll be just fine,"

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