Fuck the Tree

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Fuck the tree

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Fuck the tree.

I'm sick of dealing with the tree.

I extract my arms and collapse in a heap among the piles of broken ornaments and needles. I'm laughing and crying and staring at my scratched-up hands.

Fuck the tree. And fuck Christmas. Fuck all these assholes.

After all, why am I busting my ass to make them happy? Jacen aside, which one of them deserves it? Which one of them has shown me any loyalty? Lisa's been helpful, but based on her argumentative attitude lately, I can't help thinking she's starting to turn against me. And who else is there?

Hannah? Chester? Vince? Santos?

Fuck those guys. Fuck them. Fuck them all. They can go to hell.

I'm done. Done with it.

I should go away, I think. Run away. Go to Portland.

Leave these assholes to wallow in their self loathing. See if they can get by on their own. I know they won't be able to do it—as soon as I leave, they'll fall to pieces. They'll burn up or get slain. And I couldn't care less.

I climb to my feet and check my phone. I've got a message from Chester, but fuck him. I never want to hear from that asshole again.

You need some sleep, I tell myself. You'll feel better when you rest. But my problems won't go away when I wake up. Oh no. I'll still be stuck in this shithole house that I didn't pick out and don't even like. I'll still be surrounded by assholes and ingrates, so, yes, I'll sleep, and when I wake up, I'll pack and I'll leave. Easy as that, and why not? I have money, that's not a problem. I don't have anything keeping me in Austin, really. So I'll just hit the road, travel by night, sleep in hotels during Burn Time. I'll find a beautiful place where I can live beautifully, and I'll be happy again, so goddamn happy. I don't need the Grail. I don't even want the Grail! Let the Grail be lost. Let it remain stolen. Let Chester or Santos or whoever spread it around to all their hipster buddies. Let a wave of nouveau vampires consume the city. I don't care.

As soon as I wake up, I'm leaving.

Fuck these assholes.

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