Chapter two

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Recap: The Wedding ❤️ but no Wedding night 😔

Laksh was sleeping on the couch when Ragini woke up because of Angad's kick. "Ouch!". She was rubbing her bottom and looking angrily. "Laksh!". She shouts and looked up on the bed. "Haaw Angad!". She bites on her tongue. "Shit! Poor Laksh I unnecessarily was cursing him!".

Ragini stood up and vanished to the washroom when Angad got wake up by the weird ringtone. Maa ka Phone.

Laksh too woke up. "Ragini! Your phone is ringing!".

Ragini couldn't hear him under the shower. "Ragini?". He sat on the couch and saw how Angad vanished from there. Laksh shook his head. First I couldn't have my first night 😭 and now I have to talk to my dear MIL.

Laksh walks to the bed and picked up the call.
"Laado how are you?".

Laksh gulps. "Maa it's me Laksh. Woh Ragini is under the shower!".

Janki fumes. "The first night and you used the opportunity. Chi! I had thought different about you, but you come out like all the men's, who use to suppress their wives to follow your rules. I will not let them happen, you hear me!".

Just then Ragini come wrapped in a towel. She shies but Laksh didn't gave her a glare. He turns away and hold the mobile in front of her.

Ragini took the mobile and read the caller ID. "Maa!". She was happy and sat on the bed. Laksh stood up and left for a shower.

Janki was still angry. "Ragini didn't we talked about it, don't fall just in one night! He is your husband you have some duties, but it doesn't mean you don't have a personal life!".

Ragini was confused. "Maa what are you saying? Laksh and I... Maa... He is now in the washroom but I can assure you that nothing like this had happened. Angad come and slept in our room!".

Janki felt revealed. "Very good! Trust me the boy is trying to suppress you. He will try to rule over you I can sense it. It is written in his eyes!".

Ragini couldn't believe her but then. "Ragini could you please give me some clothes?".

Janki heard that. "Wah! He already started to order you! When will you start to trust me?".

Janki cut the call and Ragini thought. Is Maa right?.

Laksh was shivering in the washroom. "Okay Ragini at least give me a towel! After all you have used both!".

Ragini stood up from the bed. Yes, I indeed used both. Poor Laksh. "Wait I'm coming!".

Ragini took a towel from closet and knocked on the door. "Laksh towel!". Laksh hides behind the door. "Haan give!". He stretches his arm out of the door. Ragini smirks. "Laksh I'm your wife! Don't be shy!".

Laksh pouts. "Ragini better you give me the towel or it will be uncomfortable for you, not me!". He warns her but she didn't cared.

"Laksh I'm here!". He opens the door. Ragini shouts and turns to the other side back facing him. "See I told you. It will be uncomfortable for you not me!". He took the towel and wraps it around his hips.

Both were in towel. "Next time can we use the washroom together for a shower and then you can wrap the big towel around both of us!". He said in a husky voice to her.

Ragini hits him with her elbow. "Chi!". Laksh wanted to kiss her bare shoulder but he didn't his MIL come into his mind.

They come down where the rest of the family members were waiting for them.

Ragini come. "Maa I have to go to the hospital my shift is going to start!". AP nods. "Haan But at least have breakfast, you can't work with an empty stomach!".

Ragini nods. She sat down and Laksh made a toast with jam. "Mmh looks good!".

Laksh smiles at her. "Oh to say na you want it!". He gave her the toast and she ate it.

Angad smirks. "Chachu, how was the sleep on the couch?". They all looked at him.

"Angad! You went to their bedroom last night?". Pari asked him and he nods with a victorious smile. "Yes mom!".

Laksh glares at him, but he stayed quiet. Actually you little devil you saved my ass. Otherwise I might have slept with her and then my MIL would be right. Uff why do I had to fall for a woman like Ragini, who has a mother like Janki Maa... 😖.

Ragini shouts all of a sudden. "No!".

All looked at her.

"Baacha what happened?". Laksh looked at her a bit scared.

Ragini shows her mobile a message of her Nani. 'What you prepared for your Rasooi?'.

Ragini again cries. "I'm so bad! I forgot my own Rasooi!". 😭😭😭.

Laksh wipes her tears away. "Baacha stop crying. We know you have a tight schedule. And besides we can repeat it anytime you want!".

Ragini stopped crying and looked at him. "Really?". Laksh nods. "Yes, Really now stop crying!". He wipes her tears away again and kisses her forehead.

"Now I know why Chachu calls her Baacha, she cries like a child! Heart aching!". Angad said.

Laksh glares at him. "It's heart breaking! Not aching!".

Angad huffs. "Chachu result is the same. It pains here!". He points on his chest and made a heart of his hands.

Ragini admires him. "Haaw my cutie!". Laksh felt jealous.

He dropped her to the hospital hoping of a kiss or at least a smile, but nothing.

Laksh was about to start the car, when he heard a knock on his window. He rolls down the window and Ragini was standing there.

"Laksh bye! I love you!". She bend down and kisses his cheek. "Pick me up on time. Okay?".

Laksh smiles and nods. Waving her bye...


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