Twenty| Changbin (part 2)

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"I still feel bad tho"
"you don't have to be"

I let go of her hands and looked away. What's wrong with me? I saw how she became flustered and her cheeks got a slight shade of pink. She quickly turned around and checked on the boiling water. I wasn't paying attention to watch she was doing but she screamed in pain. I turned to look at her and she was clutching her hand.
"TAELEE??? WHAT HAPPENED???" I asked, taking her hand to check on it. I looked at it and it was all red.
"fuck, fuck, fuck. I wasn't paying fucking attention and spilled HOT  FUCKING WATER ON MY HAND" she said still I pain. That sounds so painful omg. I watched as her now red hand became even more red and get burns. What.?
"Changbin, it hurts so fucking bad" she said. Almost crying. I didn't know what to do. Uhhh... I took her hand again and inspected it. She literally poured water on her whole hand omg.
"how the fuck did you manage to dump a whole pot of water on your hand?" I asked, dragging her to the living room.
"i-i don't know. I just wasn't looking" she said sitting down.
"fuck, hold on. Lemme get the first aid kit. " I said quickly going upstairs. I'm just glad no blood came out because then it would've been really hard to control myself.
"uh, Soolyeon. Where's the first aid kit???" I asked her, entering her room.
"in the bathroom *cough* w-why?" she asked me
"uh, no reason" I said dashing out of the room and going in the bathroom. I quickly found the kit and went back downstairs.
"alright, Taelee, give me your hand" I said and she gave me her hand. Her whole hand was covered in marks/burns and her skin was a dark shade of red. Oof. I wrapped a cloth around it
"it feels numb" she said.
"I won't let you do anything in the kitchen. Not after what you did" I said laughing
"(sigh)... Fine... And I'm so so sorry about your head. " she said apologizing again.
"it's fiiiine, don't apologize" I said getting up and walking towards the kitchen. I checked the time and realized it was still only 7:30. We literally have one hour left before school. Wow. I went in the kitchen and started making the soup for Soolyeon and boiling an extra pot of water for her tea.
After a about a few minutes, both items were ready and I set them down on the counter. Right at that moment, Taelee came back in the kitchen.
"hey, I thought you might need some help" she said.
"what? Nononono, I'm good, I don't want you to burn yourself again, you can go sit back down" I said attempting to push her out of the kitchen but failed.
"I'm not that weak Changbin" she said, slightly chuckling.
"neither am I. Are you forgetting that I'm a vampire?" I asked.
"No, but you seem pretty weak for a vampire with... Amazing biceps" I didn't quite hear the last part but she looked down and her cheeks grew a light shade of pink.
"what was that?"
"hm, oh, um, nothing" she said walking away from me.
"so.. Uh... Are these ready?" she said picking up the tea and soup. I quickly rushed over to her and put my hands under both items so they don't end up on the floor.
"Changbin, I got it, you don't need to help me. I can do it" she said.
"at least let me help you and bring the soup. Your hand is still burnt" I said. She finally agreed and we both went upstairs. Arriving in Soolyeon's room, I set the soup down beside Soolyeon on her dresser and Taelee did the same. Soolyeon thanked us and smiled. I checked the time on my phone and and saw 5 missed calls from Chan. Fuck. It was already 8:00 and he called me around 7:15. Fuck, he's gonna kill me. I told Jisung it was time to go and he quickly said bye to Soolyeon and her brother before all three of us left. I can't believe I missed a call from Chan. I wonder what he wanted. The silence was broken when Jisung decide to speak.

"hyung? What happened to your head?" he asked. I looked over at Taelee and she covered her face with her hands causing me to laugh at the cute gesture.
"so, me and Taelee were surprisingly arguing on who would make the soup for Soolyeon while holding a pot and... It accidentally hit my head causing me to get this bump" I said, slightly laughing.
"woah, are you really that evil Taelee?" Jisung asked.

shut up Jisung, I already feel bad as it is" she said, her cheeks turning red. We continued walking and my mind kept drifting off towards Taelee and how cool she was. She was also so sweet and caring even if did try to act tough.
End of Changbin's POV
Jisung's POV
I noticed Changbin's different behavior. I looked over at him and he looked dazed. I looked over at Taelee and she also looked dazed but her cheeks were really red. Hm...  Could they....? Naah... Well, maybe? Hm.... We reached to school in less than 15 minutes. We quickly went to find Hyunjin and the others when someone stopped us. Mark.
Changbin and I quickly stepped in front of Taelee in a protective manner not wanting her to get hurt.
"what do you want, Mark" Changbin said.
"hm. Nothing. I just wanted to talk to my dear old friend, Taelee " he said with a smirk.
"fuck off. I don't want to talk to you after what you fucking did" she said from behind us.
"hm. Fine. Jisung, I see you finally found your necklace" he said going to reach for it when Changing suddenly smacked his hand away.
"touch him, and you die" Changbin said.
"pfft. Whatever. "
"look here, Lee, I've beaten you up before and I could do it again. What the fuck do you want? " Changbin said.
"I don't want anything. I was just passing by" he said with another smirk. Annoying, this guy.
"then get the fuck out of our way and leave" I said. He rolled his eyes and stepped away from us.
"thanks hyung" I said softly
"anytime Jisung"
I quickly went to find out friends and saw Chan. He didn't look happy whatsoever.
"where the hell were you guys. I called Changbin like 500 times and he didn't pick up once. What the hell" he said.
"we were at Soolyeons house. She's sick so we went to visit her" I said.
"You could've at least told me that, my god"
"but I did, I left you a note on the kitchen counter" Changbin said.
".... I didn't go in the kitchen this morning" chan said.
"woow, and you're blaming us for not telling you anything when you didnt even go in the kitchen. Nice move hyung" Changbin said crossing his arms. Chan playfully smacked Changbin on the arm and I went to talk with Hyunjin.
End of Jisung's POV
Changbin's POV
I watched as Jisung walked away, Chan following, leaving me and Taelee standing there. I looked over at her and she was fiddling with the bottom of her sweater.
"hey, you okay?" I asked her.
"huh? Oh... Yeah yeah, I'm fine" she said not bothering to look up. I stepped in front of her and help her hands.
"look at me" I said. She slowly looked up at me and I noticed her red her cheeks were.
"what's wrong with you? You've been like this all day. You could tell me you know?" I said.
"... I... I can't... N-not now" she said looking away. I wanted to ask her why but the bell rang and I let go of her hands. She quickly walked away and went to her locker. I stood there for about 10 seconds before realizing something.... I like her. I walked inside and went to my locker as well. I went to class and kept thinking of her.
End of Changbin's POV
Taelee's POV
I was at my locker when someone closed it from behind me. I turned around to find Mark.
"what do you want, asshole" I said turning back around.
"oh, nothing, just roaming around" he said placing his hands on my hips. I quickly moved away and smacked him.
"don't fucking touch me" I yelled at him.
"okay... Just tell me this... What do you know about Seo Changbin?" he asked
"what? What are you talking about? I don't know anything" I said grabbing some books out of my locker.
"mhm... Don't lie to me, I know you know something so tell me" he said gripping my arm.
"I don't know anything, let me go"

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