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                          Aurora's POV

I woke up and daddy was gone.  "Daddy.... Daddy!!!"  "Aurora shhhh it's ok, you're ok.  Daddy will be here soon."  "I wan daddy now!!!"  "Hunny you're ok. Shhhhh."  "I want my daddy....."  "He'll be home in a few hours. C'mon let's go watch Max and Ruby."  She said.  I didn't say anything I just continued to cry. "Aurora guess what?"  "What?" I cried.  "I got you a stuffie."   "Weally??"  "Yes."  "Can I have it?"  "Will you be a good girl?" "Uh huh."  She handed me the stuffie and it was a unicorn. The one Agnes had in Despicable me.   "ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!"  I said.   "I'm glad you like it."  "Me do wike it!  I wuv it!! Tank chu!!"  "Awww you're welcome sweetie"

                     Mgks pov

God I miss Auroa.  Shes my everything. I love her so much.   I literally can't go ten minutes without thinking about her.   

                      Text messages

853-977-8373:  hey is this Richard?

Me:  yeah who is this?

853-977-8373: I'm Brooklyn I came to your office one day.  I need your help.

Me: oh hey!   But yeah what do you need help on or with?

Brooklyn:    I need a place to stay.

Me: umm I have a girlfriend who's living with me.

Brooklyn:   so?  She's probably a skank anyways. 

Me:   excuse me? 

Brooklyn:  you heard me.   She's probably a skank anyways.

Me: you don't know anything about my girlfriend so stop calling her a skank. You're just jealous that I'm taken.

Brooklyn:  yeah your right. I am jealous of that skank. 

Me:  girl bye.

Brooklyn:  No wait please. I'm sorry.

Me:  what?

Brooklyn: please help me.

Me: I have a friend you can stay over at his house. 

Brooklyn:  thank you. 

                  Texts Slim

Me: hey dude I need your help.

Slim👊: What's up?

Me: there's this girl who needs a place to stay can she stay at your place?

Slim👊: Age, Name, picture?

Me: 16, Brooklyn. And I'll get a pic hold on.

                      Texts Brooklyn

Me: hey he wants to see a picture of you.

Brooklyn: ok here.  


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                         Texts slim

Me:  ok here's a pic.

Slim👊:  ight Send her my way

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Slim👊:  ight Send her my way.  

Me: ight I will. 

So I sent Brooklyn to Slim and I headed home. 

An hour later I was home.  "Hey Ashleigh where is she?"  "She's in your room asleep."  "How did you get her to sleep?"  "Melatonin and warm milk."   "I have never thought of the melatonin." "It works like a charm."  "I'll have to use it. Ima go see her." "Ight."  I walked In our room and the pillows were wet from her crying.  It broke my heart.  I sat down on the side of her bed and caressed her cheek.  "Da.. Daddy?"  "Yes baby, daddy's home."  "Daddy!!"   "Shhh baby girl lay down. Its time to go nini."  "But daddy you just got home." "I know baby but it's past your bedtime."  "I don't have a bedtime, I don't have any rules."  "Well tomorrow we're making some."   "Otay Daddy." 

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