Vibrating Tongue Piercing - Michael Clifford Smut

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"I miss you so much" you said down the phone, your boyfriend Michael on the other end.

"I miss you too Y/N, anyway, I have to go now but I'll see you in couple days okay? And I have a surprise for you when I get back" he said and you could hear the smirk in his voice towards the end.

The next few days went by agonisingly slow, but today was the day that you finally got to see Michael again after three months of being away from him.

The second your front door opened, you ran over, practically jumping on him as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck and his around your lower back.

"I believe I promised you a surprise." he smirked a few minutes later as he began to kiss up your neck.

"You did, now tell me Clifford, I've been dying to know!" you pleaded, finally pulling away from him.

He still had his hands on your hips as he looked at you, smirking slightly before sticking his tongue out.

Your eyes widened and your mouth dropped open, seeing the small silver ball sticking out from the centre of it.

"That makes you look so hot" you practically moaned, getting a little turned on by it already.

"That's not the only thing it does" he growled, gripping your waist tighter and pulling you completely against him, your lust for him quickly growing.

"Oh yeah? Then what else does it do?" you asked, batting your eyelashes and using your best seductive voice.

"Lay down and I'll show you"

You swallowed, trying to contain your excitement for what was no doubt about to happen.

You made your way over to the sofa and sat down shyly, Michael then kneeling between your legs.

"Baby girl you're wearing too many clothes for what I had in mind," he pouted. Then, grabbing the waistband of your sweatpants, he added "I think these need to come off"

You lifted yourself so that he could pull them down, quickly discarding them to the floor.

He looked at you for a second, a thoughtful expression on his face before he shook his head, "nope, still too much, I think these cute little underwear need to come off too"

And just like that, your underwear was off and on the floor along with your sweatpants.

"I wanna taste you so bad baby" Michael moaned, spreading your legs further as he fixed his eyes on your exposed heat.

"Then why don't you?"

"Nuh-uh, not yet," he shook his head, "touch yourself for me kitten?"

Although this wasn't the first time he had asked you to do this, you really wanted to feel his tongue on you, to feel his new piercing on you, and dear god you wanted to feel his skilful fingers inside of you.

He sat back, biting his lip as he watched you run your fingers up your folds feeling how wet you were already.

You let out a breath as you brushed over your clit and beginning to circle it, waves of pleasure coursing through your body.

"Faster baby" Michael instructed after a few minutes. You did what he said, picking up your pace, your head fell back as a moan escaped your lips.

"Oh fuck," you moaned, feeling your stomach start to knot and your orgasm start to build, "Michael, I- "

He grabbed your hand, stopping your actions. You looked down at him, wondering why he had stopped you, but he answered but before you even had time to ask the question.

"Not yet baby, I'm gonna be the one to make you cum, understand?"

You just bit your lip, nodding at him as you felt your high fading again.

Still holding onto your hand, he placed your wet fingers over the metal of his newly pierced tongue.

"Michael what are you- " you began to ask, but then you felt it. The vibrations.

"Fuck Mikey" you breathed as he removed your fingers from his mouth again, causing him to smirk.

"You want this baby? You want the cold, vibrating metal against your clit? I'll have you cumming in seconds. But I'm not gonna stop there Princess, oh no, I'm gonna go down on you all night long. I'm gonna go down on you until you see white and you can't even think straight. Would you like that, hm?" he whispered deeply, huskily in your ear and, after being responsible for your own orgasms for the last three months, you had no doubt that he could.

You just nodded again, not being able to find the words nor the breath to answer him properly.

"Speechless already," he chuckled, "I love it"

Leaning down, he began to leave open-mouthed kisses along your inner thighs. You could feel yourself trembling and your core dripping with anticipation.

"Mikey, baby, please? I need your tongue" you moaned and he chuckled from beneath you.

"As you wish" he smirked before making one broad lick up your slit.

"Holy shit!" you moaned, feeling the vibrations from the cold metal ball going straight through you.

He stopped, the piercing now directly in the centre of your clit. It's weird how much pleasure you can get from something so small, but you could already feel your orgasm building again.

Within seconds you were a writhing mess beneath him, "Mikey, please, I n-need- "

"What do you need baby?"

"Your fingers, Michael, I need your fingers!"

He quickly brought his hand up and sunk two fingers into you, quickly reattaching his tongue to your clit.

You stomach clenched and you could feel yourself dripping around him as you felt yourself get closer and closer to your orgasm.

And then it hit as your whole body jerked, your walls clenching around him as he stilled his fingers inside if you and removed his tongue from your clit.

Your breathing was heavy as you came down from your orgasm, "fuck Michael, don't ever take that out" you chuckled slightly, "that was amazing!"

"Oh I'm not done yet Princess, we have a whole night of fun ahead of us remember?" he winked before quickly standing up and lifting you from the your spot on the sofa.

Throwing you over his shoulder, he carried you up to your bedroom to continue the fun, all night long, just as he'd promised.

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