Calum Hood Roomates (Dirty)

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Warnings: Basically just a lot of SEXY DIRTINESS and cussing

Calum Hood + Reader = Roommates

Part 2

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Today was cleaning day since it was only two days away from being New Years and you and your roommate Calum wanted to throw a New Year's Eve party to start the New Years. But you knew today was gonna be a long day of cleaning just because of lazy Calum always leaving his trash around the house and expects you to always clean it up.

You were on your way to the kitchen to get the cleaning supplies you need to clean the bathroom. Only to be annoyed to see leftover Chinese food boxes laying all over the counters from when Calum brought a girl over and ate dinner together. Of course, You wasn't there because the idiot kicked you out.
"Slobby dick head," you mumble to yourself knowing at some point your gonna be the one to clean this mess up.

You grab the cleaner and walk towards the bathroom stopping by Calum's room to find him sitting on his gaming chair while playing his game system, with loose joggers along with one of his black nirvana muscle shirt. You lingered your gaze down his golden biceps all the way down catching on his huge veiny hands clenched around the controller as he aggressively presses the buttons, the expanse of his palms fully covering the whole area handle. The look of determined concentration that creased his thick brows and framed his jaw as his veins showing through the skin of his neck had been unbelievably entrancing, edging towards a familiar wetness forming in your panties.

His voice was deep and strong as he yelled at the tv and whoever he was talking to through his mic. You were so busy admiring him you totally forgot what you came in here for. But luckily before he realized you standing there looking at him, you snapped back into reality

"Calum," you say, only to be ignored.

"CALUM!" You yelled a little louder causing him to jump, his controller flying out of his hand and onto the floor. You heard a loud groan from him as the person on the tv gets shot and die. Whoops.

"Shit (Y/n)! What!?" He glared at you.
How rude.

"Well excuse you, but you left a huge mess in the kitchen from last night so you mind cleaning it up like today." You watched him as he rolled his eyes and grab his controller off the ground.

"Can't you see I'm busy" he stated, you huffed.

"All you are doing is playing games, you can pause that and go in there and clean your mess," I said.

"Why don't you do it? Your the girl of the house, shouldn't be a problem for you doing the dirty work" he spat.

"Wow, okay. Fuck you" You mumbled walking away from him before hearing a "you wish" from him. You felt hurt but mostly angry from his sexist remark.
You and Calum never really got along, yeah he was hot as hell but he always got on your nerves especially when it came to you asking him to do you a favor. It was always an argument between you two. Sometimes you wonder why didn't you just find a better roommate, even though you tried but couldn't find anyone perfect for the position.

You decided to just push all the anger and feels to the side so you could get this work done. You had already clean up most of the apartment beside the kitchen and the bathroom. The bathroom was probably the worst part of the whole house besides Calum's room.

Calum was truly a disgusting person. Somehow getting pee on the back of the toilet seat is 100% him. Nasty. You quickly sprayed the whole bathroom with bleach cleaner to help disinfect any germs from the last couple times we had gotten sick this past winter. My eyes started to burn as you stood in the bleached room.
You opened the window between the toilet and tub trying to get some fresh air since the smell was so strong. As soon and you fully open the window, your arm slightly hit the flower pot you had put in the window causing it to fall out the window. Your eyes grew wide while you quickly stuck half your body out the window to catch it, but was too late.

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