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I watched the last ring of the sun fall under the hills off in the distance. Sweat rolled down my neck and my fingers trembled with anticipation.

"I can't do this," I mumbled in a less then audible tone. "I shouldn't be here. I shouldntve accepted the contract," I repeated In hopes to calm my nerves.

Finally she walked into the room, a half hour behind of schedule. She sat down at the desk with the dealer, even from this distance you could tell she was trembling. She seemed to jump out of sheer terror every time the dealer started a new sentence. If only I could hear what she was saying.

At last I got the signal. The time had come for me to fulfil my contract. I read the dealers lips carefully making sure he said what was the desired signal.

It was time, I gripped my barrett as if though loosening my grip ment sudden death for me... But in a way it did. I zeroed my sights in on my target, her dark red hair took up nearly all of my scope's sight. I drew a deep of air, thought for a moment, and pulled the trigger.

I dropped my gun in anguish. I completly lost myself, I sat down and wept with tears for the first time in a decade.

"why mom? Why did you make me do this to you?".

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