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Requested by: rapid34 ! Adorable prompt and I hope you enjoy!

Niall: Papa
Zayn: Daddy
Louis: 3
Harry: 4

"B-But! But I don't wanna sit in the car seat!" little Louis whined. The family of four was trying to leave for a hopefully quick trip to the grocery store, but it was already proving to be difficult. Louis had woken up with a soaked pull-up that morning, (after waking up dry for almost a week) and the poor boy had a rash; one that was already making him fussy and squirmy.

"Loubear, please cooperate with us. Papa even put a towel down for your bum, and it's a quick drive. Please sit down," Zayn tried. Luckily, Louis made it easy for the two fathers, and though reluctant, let Zayn put him in the car seat next to his brother.
"Thank you, honey," the raven haired man pecked Louis' forehead and then joined Niall in front.

The small family sang in the car together on the way to their destination. They sang songs like 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', Niall even putting 'Jingle Bells' in the mix, even though it was summer.
About halfway through the ride though, Niall noticed that his oldest was not joining in on the family fun. When he looked in the rear-view mirror, he saw the curly haired boy leaning against the window in silence.

"What the matter, Hazzabean?" the blonde asked once he had turned the annoying singing lady off.
"Nothin', Papa. Jus' tired." he replied, and then rubbed his eyes a bit as if to further his explanation.
"Oh, did you not sleep well, baby?" Niall asked in concern.
"No, kept wakin' up,"
"Did you have a nightmare?"
"No, Papa. Jus' couldn't sleep," the boy replied, getting a bit whiny at the end. The two fathers sighed, knowing that today probably wasn't the best to bring the boys shopping.
"I'm sorry, darling. Maybe you can have a nap when we get home, yeah?" Niall suggested, and the boy shrugged.

They arrived at the grocery store shortly after, which happened to be very busy much to Zayn and Niall's disappointment. They went to retrieve the boys out of their car seats, but when Zayn tried to set Harry on the ground, the boy whined and clung to him like a koala.
"Carry, please," the boy mumbled,
"Of course, darling," The raven haired man cooed, kissing Harry's curls and hoisting him a bit further up on his hip.

"Hold Papa's hand in the parking lot, Lou," Niall instructed once they began walking to the entrance with their cart, Louis's small hand wrapped up in Niall's large one.
"Kay, Papa!" he replied, skipping a bit.

Niall groaned when he saw the large mass of people in the store. He hated that the grocery store that they lived closest to happened to be the one that seemed the busiest all the time.
"Okay, boys, it's very busy, so make sure you stay close. Louis, tell me or Daddy if you need to go potty. We don't want your rash to worsen," Niall told his clan, who all nodded. Zayn didn't think they would have much trouble with Harry. He would probably go in the cart seat or stay glued to them at all times. It was Louis who tended to have a hard time staying put in one place; they learned that the hard way.

They managed to get almost all of their shopping done with little to no fuss. Though, Niall could tell Harry wanted to go take a nap. He kept moving around in Zayn's arms and rubbed his eyes often. The daddy had tried to lull him to sleep, but the amount of noisy people made it impossible, and Harry didn't find the smell of the store very comforting or soothing.

"Here, Haz. My arms are getting tired," Zayn cooed, setting Harry in the seat of the cart. The boy whined at first, but Niall rubbed his back and kissed him, which helped. Besides, he thought the rolling cart was kind of nice.

They reached the dairy section for their last three items; milk, cheese and yogurt.
"Oooh, Daddy, look! S'chockit milk with Woody and Buzz!" Louis squealed when he spotted the big jug. It had a Toy Story themed themed sticker on it rather than the usual plan white one.
"I see, buddy," Zayn smiled, picking out the usual jug of milk they bought.
"Can we get it, Daddy? Pleeasseee?!" Louis pleaded with his fingers intertwined with each other.
"No, Louis. You and Harry already have plenty of treats at home," Zayn said, mentally praying that that would be the end of the discussion.
"But, I want it!" the young boy explained with a pout evident on his lips, a tantrum coming on quickly.

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