Chapter 13 Got it?

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Chapter 13

***Zayn's POV***

I was just sitting there, crying my eyes out. Harry has a lot of nerve to be telling me how bad it is to eavesdrop after he ruined my relationship with Perrie doing it.

"I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE!!!" Harry screamed, loud enough to wake everyone up, even Niall. That's LOUD.

Claudia came running in, with Liam, Louis, and Niall close behind.

"Zayn! What happened?" Claudia took one look at me and came running over.

"Is this about Perrie again?" Liam asked, making his way across the room and sitting beside me. I nodded.

"What about Perrie?" Claud asked. I broke down sobbing again.

Why was I being like this? I've been through break-ups before, but they didn't hurt me like this. I guess it was because I really thought she was the one, and it turned out she didn't trust me. I couldn't let it get to me, though. Claudia shouldn't have to see me like this. I had to man up and be strong. For her.

I did my best to stop crying, "I-I'm ok-kay," I said, still trying to convince myself.

"No you're not," Claud said, hugging me, "What happened?" She looked at Harry, "From the beginning."

Harry sighed, "Well  the other day I was going outside to sit on the porch and drink my tea, but I stopped when I heard Zayn out there, talking in the phone. The door was open a little, and I couldn't help it, I went and listened. He said, 'No, she doesn't know, but I'm really nervous she'll find out,' and I jumped to the conclusion that Zayn was cheating on Perrie. Then when she came over later, I kinda got into a screaming match with him while Perrie was in the bathroom and she sorta heard and broke up with him."

Claud gaped at Harry and I. Did she think I cheated? She wouldn't. She's my sister, she always takes my side...Right?

***Claudia's POV***

Wait, what? I was so confused. Zayn didn't cheat on Perrie, right? I thought I knew my brother. At least, I knew him before he became world famous. Back then he never would have cheated on a girl. Did he really change that much?

Zayn picked up the story at that point, "I had been talking to one of Perrie's friends, Jesy, who's also in her band about a surprise we had planned for her and the other girls in Little Mix, and Jesy's and Leigh-Anne's boyfriends. And Jesy had a cousin that she invited and was going to try and hook up with Jade. We were all gonna go to this new amusement park, and it would have been really fun, too," He groaned, "I told Perrie over and over that I wasn't cheating, but she wouldn't listen to me. She wouldn't even hear me out. Jesy tried to talk to her and tell her the truth but Perrie just thought she was being nice and trying to cover for me. She didn't get mad at Jesy, but she wouldn't listen either. We never got to go to the park. All because of Harry," He glared at Harry through the tears that were still falling.

Oh! The sappy, romantic part of me totally melted! A date at the theme park ruined by distrust! It should be on some 80's sitcom.

And I couldn't believe Harry! Don't take sides, I told myself. Do what's best.

I took a deep breath, "Zayn, although Harry was stupid, he didn't purposely sabotage your relationship with Perrie," I looked at Harry, "I'm sure he apologized countless times," He nodded vigorously and Zayn did, too, but with much less enthusiasm. I felt like I was a divorce counselor. If this worked, I could see a career in my future, "I, being the best sister ever, will pay her a visit sometime this week and fix everything. Got it?"

"H-how are you g-gonna do that?' Zayn asked, still crying a little.

"I dunno," I said, skipping out.

When he thought I had left, but I was really just outside the door, he said, "One thing-'

"HAHAHAHA ONE THING!" Louis, who had been surprisingly quiet throughout this whole ordeal, as well as Niall, who was likely half asleep on the floor, interrupted.

Zayn continued, "Before you leave, lads, let me make this clear- None of you are to date my sister. She's too precious to me to see hurt, and I just got her back. We don't need to create anymore havoc. Got it?"

Most girls would be completely infuriated if their brother told the guys of a world famous boy-band that they couldn't date you, but I found it the sweetest thing that he cared that much. If he thought they were gonna hurt me, then I would have to trust him. It'll save me lot of trouble, knowing I can't like them as anything other than friends. Now I don't mean to sound like some perfect little angel, and I'm not saying I wouldn't go behind his back, but I'm the worst liar. If it turns out that Har- I mean one of the boys and I like each other, I'll probably, depending on the circumstances, go to Zayn and give him the puppy eyes and beg/reason with him first. I can't lie to save my life, and especially not to Zayn.

I didn't wait to hear the boys responses. I shouldn't know, and I didn't want to disappoint myself. I went back to my room to get ready for bed. I changed into a pair of old grey sweatpants and a baggy light purple tank-top and brushed my teeth. I got under the covers and looked the clock. My God, it was almost 3:30! I closed my eyes, and quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.


I woke up the next morning jet-lagged and hungry, I looked at the clock- 1:26 PM. Well, there goes half of the day. I got up and picked out a pink zebra print tank-top and dark denim shorts that were fraying at the edges. I got in the shower and nearly fell back asleep thanks to the warm water. I got out of the shower and awoke slightly more when I was hit by the blast of freezing cold air. I wrapped myself in a towel and quickly dried off, then got dressed. I brushed my hair and put it into a high pony tail. I looked all over for my makeup and then realized I didn't have any- I always used Ivy Rose's and didn't think to take any before I left. Crud.

I went out into the hall. It was worth a shot.

Author's Note

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