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"Emery, are you ready to sleep now?" My mother asked as quietly as she could, my name coming out in a sing-song tone, and she continued tucking me into bed even though I furiously tried kicking the blankets off of me, but my short legs were no match for the heavy covers. Looking up at her, my coffee brown eyes begged her to let me stay awake for just a bit longer.

I opened my mouth to answer, showing off my missing two front teeth, as I got ready to say 'No,' in the brattiest voice I could make.

My mother interrupted me before I could get the word out, "Yes? Good," she smiled down at me teasingly. "No matter what your answer is, you are still going to sleep, but maybe-" she paused as she watched my reaction, her perfectly manicured index finger tapping her bottom lip, "-hm, should I tell you the story again?"

My interest peaked at the mention of the story, my eyes had widened with excitement as I pulled up the blankets to my chin and nodded eagerly.

I knew exactly what she was talking about, I always knew, and I was always up to hear it.

"No nightmares?" She questioned and I nodded again before rolling my eyes at such a question, "If you say so, my brave girl, then I will tell you."

She tucked a strand of her brown hair behind her pointy ear as I stared up at her in awe and thought about how much I loved her hair, wishing that when I grow up that I would have hair just like her and not the style I had that made me feel a little like Dora. I wanted her hair, brown hair that reminded me of dark chocolate with natural golden highlights throughout it all, like caramel covered brownies. "Alright," she began, snapping me out of my trance, "now, let me tell you the story of Morpheus,

"Of a werewolf who was half God, the most powerful and cruel thing this world has ever seen. But, of course, to tell you his story I must tell you someone else's first," my mother insisted as she leaned in closer to tell me about her favourite part, about a loving mother who knew when to put her foot down.

"The story of the Moon Goddess, a woman who created a whole species, and she was also Morpheus's mother. Oh, she loved her creations, the werewolves, they were her pride and joy, but she wanted something more, something of her own blood. After thinking about it, she decided to have her own little baby, her very own pup. She became pregnant with a wolf child, one who would carry more strength and authority than an Alpha werewolf. The Moon Goddess then gave birth to the child whom she named Morpheus, and she loved him very much.

"As he grew he became powerful, but angry, filled with rage at the sight of seeing the werewolves hidden away from humans, a race that was much weaker than the werewolves. He began to despise humans, but he didn't do anything about it, nothing too rash, no matter how bad he wanted to. That is until he witnessed an attack from hunters, humans out to kill the supernatural. Oh, that was enough for him," she took another pause and noticed how my eyes were still wide open, still focused on her as I watched her lips move with every word, "you better close those eyes of yours or else I won't continue."

I squeezed my eyes shut.

She resumed the story, "Morpheus finally declared war on the humans, but he did give them time to prepare even though his hatred for them was growing with each day that passed. The war came, a battle broke out, and Morpheus himself killed hundreds of humans with his bare hands, then shifted and killed hundreds more by ripping them apart with his great canines,

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