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( The video is just for audio, it's not mine, and it's a really great MAP so please check it out!).
• You can create your own clan. And you may use the 5 clans from the books-
( also Starclan and the Darkforest, but I was referring to the main cats )
• No Prophecies or powers! If your Oc is part of a prophecy, you must message me for approval.
• No Godmodding/Powerplay-
-Do not kill another persons cat without permission from the owner.
- No powers.
•Your Cat can not have any extra limbs ( Wings, Another tail, Horns, etc)
• No cursing. ( only warriors cursing. Like- Foxdung, Crowfood, Mousebrain, etc)
•Do not rp as someone else's cat(s)

•Follow the forms

(( IMPORTANT - If you are the leader of a clan, and you aren't online as much, the deputy CAN take your place! You CAN NOT rp as both the LEADER and DEPUTY ))

Thank you! Comment any questions you have, and I will try my best to answer them!

See ya

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