Ummmm ooops

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Yeah I forgot about mission trip which is where I was from last Saturday to last Wednesday then I had family visiting and they only left today. sooo yeah I SO SORRY I FORGOT ABOUT MISSION TRIP COMPLETELY! OTHERWISE I WOULD HAVE TOLD YALL!! I IS SO SORRY! on a lighter note MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP SOON! YAAAAAY! it's da 15th of August if you wanted to know. ANYWHO we are also about to hit 3k like WTF! YAAAY! Anywhosers PLEASE GIVE MEH FREAKING QUESTIONS! EACH THINGIE WILL BE FOR EACH THOUSAND MARKER. Q and A for 1k, some type of contest for 2k and sparkant oneshot (yus I made it that bc I can't figure out how to put it in le story) {also the sparkly and ant haven't even showed up yet!}. AND they WILL be in order SO GIVE MEH FREAKIN QUESTIONS! GHAST DANGIT IT! IS IT DAT HARD TO TYPE ONE JUST ONE QUESTION IN THE FREAKIN COMMENTS! anywho BYYYYYYEEEEE

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