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after not receiving flowers for a whole week, minkyung began to worry. it was now a daily habit to go to her locker everyday and be greeted by a beautiful bouquet of flowers. the first few days didn't really concern her — she assumed that maybe it was just k.y forgetting to do the new daily task. but a whole week?

something wasn't right.

maybe it was the sticky note when k.y asked for help? or was that a mistake? minkyung didn't know, she didn't understand. nothing made sense to her, everything was confusing. she didn't know who her secret admirer was in order to help. heck, to make matters worse, none of her friends could find out who kang.y was. they were clueless.

it was almost like she had vanished from the yearbooks and class records completely.

but that wasn't possible, right? she had to be here. she said that she admired me in classes, and that she had noticed how i had cut my extraordinarily long hair. she had to go here, it was impossible that she didn't.

what am i supposed to do? minkyung thought, running to her classrooms, extremely preoccupied.

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