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Holland's pov

The bite? No no i cant just let him sink his teeth into me, no not yet.

I need to let him know how bad i felt yesterday

I slightly pushed him off me "no" i smiled

"Excuse me" he smiled

"I said no, u hurt me real bad yesterday and i didnt get a good night sleep cause of you." I explained and pouted

"And i apologized" he shrugged

"An apology won't get me back the magical lolipop i was supposed to take in my dreams" i cussed

"Whats wrong with you,  and seriously you take lolipops in dreams" he smirked

I know he wants to make fun of me but thats what i think off before sleeping to avoid nightmares.

"Dont you dare change the topic daryl" i raised my brows and crossed my arms

"Fine, fine, how do u want me to make it up to u" he asked and puts his hand in his pocket

"You know how, you do" i winked at him and left.

This time i aint chasing the blonde he chases me.

I closed the door and left to class

Daryl's pov

Ugh that girl, she drives me insane sometimes

"Dont u mean she drives your hormones insane" ian said

"Stop teasing me ian" i replied

"Dont hide it, you really like her," ian said

"Um yeah i do but i didn't mean to yell at her, ugh am such a screw up" i ran my hands through my hair

"U arent, you just dont know how to play" ian said and i arched my brow confused

"Play what" i asked

"The girl's game" ian said and i smirked cause i know this bad boy has some thing up his sleeves.

Holland's pov

The bell rang and i went to the cafeteria with krischelle, another friend of mine.

We took our trays of sphagetti and meatballs with fruit juice to a table and sat to eat.

"Um holland, if you have noticed,  which am sure you would have, Kriste n isnt in school today" krischelle said while stabbing a meat ball.

And i choked on my juice

"She um, maybe um, well am pretty sure she's okay" i stammered while closing my juice

"I don't think she is,  " she looked around and moved close to me " cause i saw her going into the woods" krischelle whispered

"Pss forget she will be fine" i scoffed and put a meatball in my mouth

"Uhnuhn, she won't she turned into a-a- a cloud of smoke" she whispered and i spat the meatball

"What" i exclaimed loudly and everyone's attention turned to me and i smiled and bent to take my backpack, i stood up to leave and daryl is just walking in so i turned and took the emergency exit.

I walked into the ladie's room and rested by the basin.

I rinsed my face and stared down

She cant be involved in this, i don't want any more death warrants

I sighed and turned and saw daryl smiling

"Geez you scared me" i said and hit his chest

"What are you doing here, didnt you read the sign " ladies room" ugh" i asked him.

"I did, i saw u running off, are u okay" he asked

"You are in no position to ask me that" i gave him one of my girly attitude.

And left.

I actually left school early cause i have just four courses today.

I bent to take the key from under the porch and when i opened the door i saw a chocolate skinned lady, very slim and is on Afro bleeding.

She has a severe cut to the head

And i rushed to meet her

"He-he-he can't wait, he-he-he's coming" she coughed out blood

"Who" i asked


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