Stage Eight

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"Can I have this mommy!?" Gabby came running down the isle

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"Can I have this mommy!?" Gabby came running down the isle.

"Stop running in the store." I take the box of fruit snacks she wanted. "Ok pick between this or the popsicles because your not getting both."

She whines flopping her arms around. I just walked off.

"Mommy wait!"

"What did I say about running?" She pouts pulling at her shirt. "Pick one now." She picked the snacks.

"Aw why my bunny looking all sad?" Winter came carrying two bottles of wine.

"She wants two different sweets I told her to pick one."

So my moms friend called me about this house she's flipping. My mom really ran her mouth about me because she basically begging me to come and do the designs for this house. It's a three story townhouse and I've already got an idea plenty ideas of what to do to this place.

But this fear of failure is getting in the way. This is literally my dream job. I don't have to go get some kind of training or whatever I can just get right to it. But what if she doesn't like it? What if the buyers don't like it? What if I fuck everything up!? I just wish I would give myself that push and go for what I want.

"Your total is $88.55 cash or card?"

"Card credit please." My groceries are bagged and I wait for winter to finish.

Gabby skipped by with the box of fruit snacks I put back earlier. "I know this girl did not GABRIELLE!"

She stopped looking back. "Woah woah I bought them for her!" Winter quickly came over just before I could grab her up.


"Because she looked so sad earlier and you know I hate seeing my baby upset." She picked her up walking out.

Winter is always spoiling that girl I don't know why she doesn't just have a kid of her own. We get the car packed and drive back home. It's been a long day and all I really want is to have a simple dinner and cuddle up for a movie before passing out.

"Who's car is that?"

Pulling into my driveway I make sure to take my pepper spray as I go to see whoever this is. A woman gets out and all I can think of is Chase. Is this April coming to start problems?

"Tabitha Robinson?"


"You've been served." She smiled and walks off.

My heart raced looking at this envelope in my hand. I can't believe this bastard really thinks he's about to take my child from me! He didn't want anything to do with her before or any of the times I tried to get him to see her oh but now all of a sudden he's some super dad?

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