Chapter 4: Curiosity

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(Pearl's P.O.V.)

The morning... I guess I can see why Rose liked this planet so much... I never noticed how beautiful they are here. Of course it's not just because of the morning. It is just beautiful...

As I began to walk in again I saw (Y/N) still laying on the couch facing against the soft cushions. I saw some shirts Steven left on the side of the couch. Ugh- Why didn't I see them earlier...

I began to pick them all up but also tried to not wake (Y/N) up. But when I was finished I remembered that he has a gem. Well, Steven told us that. I never actually saw it. I mean I trust Steven but you never know until you see it with your own eyes. I looked at him for a few seconds before I decided to do something I shouldn't.

I walked over to (Y/N), who was still facing the inside of the couch, and slowly looked over him just trying to make sure he is asleep. I heard his soft breaths escaping from his mouth which made sure he is asleep.

Knowing this, I got behind him again and slowly began to pull up his shirt. Just when I did that he suddenly made loud noises, adjusting his pillow. This action made my hand go off his shirt. But then he went silent again so that I decided to give it another try.

His shirt was still halfway up and I took it once again and pulled it up. My eyes began to sparkle in admiration of this gem. It was so gorgeous. Right when I wanted to pull his shirt back down, curiosity got the better of me. I just had to touch his gem...

I got nearer with my hand, trying to touch it. A millisecond passed and a scared (Y/N) looked at me, standing with his sword pointed at me. He sure was fast...

(Y/N): "What in the world are you doing, Pearl?!" "Were you trying to kill me?!" "I thought I could trust you!" he said in a confused and angry tone.

Pearl: "No. No, (Y/N). This is just a biiig misunderstanding" I feel sweat dripping from my head while shaking my hands in defense.

(Y/N): "Well then explain!"

Pearl: "I was just tidying the room when I realized you had a gem on the back. I think curiosity just got the better of me. Heh."

He sheathed his sword again letting out a relieved sigh.

(Y/N): "Well you could have just asked, you know..." He said, hand behind his neck.

Pearl: "Oh. I'm so sorry (Y/N). This will never happen again!..." I said assuring him.

(Y/N): "I guess it's okay. Trust me. I know what curiosity feels like. heh." "Do you still wanna uhh- see it?" He said, blushing.

Pearl: "I-If it's not of any trouble." I said beginning to heat up.

He stood in front of me and began to take his shirt off. I don't know why or what it was but I suddenly felt shivers coming down my spine upon seeing his well built body. I mean body. Just body. Ugh- even in my thoughts I'm a mess...

I didn't realize that I stared for 2 minutes straight now. A light slap brought me back to life.

(Y/N): "Hey Pearl. Are you okay?" He said and was holding my face with both of his hands.

I began to heat up more.

Pearl: "Y-Yeah. Just a little bit out of thought. That's all..."

He smiled at me and turned around. I got near to him and got a closer look at his gem.

Pearl: "Do you mind if I touch it?" He began to chuckle at that.

Pearl: "What is so funny?"

(Y/N): "Oh nothing..." Still giggling but nodding at the same time. I will never understand humans...

((Y/N)'s P.O.V.)

Curse you, dirty mind. Stop giggling!

Then I felt a hand touching my back and felt my face heating up almost immediately. Nobody has ever touched me before, except for hand shaking, and it felt gross but I also felt safe. But why?

I turned my head to see Pearl facing my back with an exciting look on her face. I felt a slight pull on my back but after a second it stopped.

Pearl: "Hmm. Ok... thanks for showing this to me." She said and took her hand away.

I pulled my shirt down again and faced her. She looks at my sword I'm carrying around my waist, as always.

Pearl: "I see you have a sword. Did you have any teachers to teach you how to use one properly?"

(Y/N): "Nope. Taught myself... I consider myself as a swordsman. I mean no one ever defeated me." I said proudly. Innerly facepalming at this statement.

Pearl: "If that's the case, I want to battle you someday." She said with a challenging tone.

(Y/N): "Oh, you bet" I said.

We realized that we looked to serious and began to laugh out loud. I got serious again.

(Y/N): "So... Since it's morning, I'm going to freshen up my face a bit. See ya, Pearl." I slowly walk outside only to be stopped by her.

Pearl: "You know you can use the bathroom anytime you want now. I mean you live here now right?"

(Y/N): "Oh I forgot haha. Thank you..." chuckling at that.

I went to the bathroom, locked the door and looked at me in the mirror. I immediately saw that I really, and by that I mean absolutely need a haircut. I began to look for something to lay it low for a bit at least, since my hair looks like a cat exploded on it. I saw a comb and some kind of hair wax.

I took both of those and combed my hair back and put some wax on them. Upon looking at the mirror I saw that the left side hair of my head was still up. I combed it down and put wax on again only to see it go up again...

Ugh. This will be a looooong day....

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