s*t*a*r*s 8 - pt 141

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            Mike kisses Shelby’s cheek and she stirs.  “Hey,” says Shelby.

            “Hey yourself, beautiful woman,” says Mike.  He lays down next to her.  “Sorry I woke you.”

            “I’m not,” says Shelby, stifling a yawn.  “I’ve missed you, the bed is way to empty without you.”

            “It was empty for a long time, I’m glad it’s full again,” says Mike seriously.  “Where is Syd?”

            “Staying with Spencer, I think they were laying down tracks,” says Shelby with a wry grin.  “She sounded damn excited.”

            “Her and her music.”

            “Her and Spencer,” sighs Shelby.  She pulls Mike into her arms and he drapes an arm over Shelby.  “Do you think this will ever work itself out?”

            “Yes,” says Mike softly.  “I think that fate, that fate that we are all cursed with, does come with a price but the price is happiness, at some point.  Always pain, but them complete pleasure.”

            “When did you get so damn philosophical?” asks Shelby with a giggle. 

            Mike props himself up on his elbow, brushing a strand of Shelby’s dark blonde hair from her eyes, seeing a strand of grey and he smiles.  “Since you came back, since by some grace of something or someone, you came back to me.  Fate.  Our journeys are all different but we end up in the same place, babe,” says Mike.

            She rubs her thumb along his lips.  “I kind of like this side of my husband.”

            “Oh?” asks Mike, wiggling his eyebrows playfully.

            “Get under the covers and I’ll show you other side of you I like.”

            “Oh!” says Mike, “Now you’re talking!”


            Darci rolls over into Dathan’s arms, snoring lightly.  Dathan smiles and kisses the top of Darci’s head.  For centuries he wandered the earth, refusing to believe in the fable of soul mates.  He had seen many proclaim it, many fake it and many simply ignore all of those around them who did love.  Love and a connection that was deeper than anything else in life that is what this soul mate thing was all about.  He’s had lovers, many lovers, but this is far beyond lovers. 

            How he had lived without Darci before now was beyond him, how he will live without her is something he does not wish to contemplate.  Domestic bliss.  They cooked together, they had lives.  Oh, he’d had lovers, people he’d lived with for their lives, but never this.  And then there was Abigail.  He adored her as if she was his own.  Darci shifts again and his thoughts turn to with her. 

            He settles down besides Darci, his arm drapes over hers and his cheek rubs against her shoulder.  “You need to shave,” grumbles Darci in her sleep.

            Dathan chuckles lightly.  “I will in the morning.”

            But she’s asleep again.  He closes his eyes and just as he is about to fall into a dreamless snooze, he feels something powerful enter their realm.  He eases up and out of the bed, Darci wakes.  “Dathan?”

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