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They held Reve firmly, and even though she struggled in their grasp Reve knew that her strength wasn't a match against the both of them. Dr Augustine looked pleased, he motioned for her to sit in a chair, and she was unceremoniously dumped onto it. Both draconians kept their claws firmly on Reve, not allowing for her to get up.

"Ah Reve, what a wonderful little specimen you are. Your blood is very pure you know. I did a few tests when you were in my care" he smiled. "And thanks to you little Emily is also progressing well.”

"What do you mean?" She asked, as far as Reve was aware Emily had a hormonal implant to prevent her from maturing as fast as Reve had. In human years she was older than Reve, but in maturity and growth, Reve was older than her. "Her mother allowed me to remove the implant and with a little help with your DNA, she has survived and has matured quite beautifully.” He sounded like a man talking about a wonderful piece of artwork he had discovered, not a child.

The door opened, and a young woman walked through. She was tall, slim and very athletic looking. Her long brown hair was in a plait that hung down her back. She was pretty, but her eyes held a cruel look. She blanked Reve, and went over to Dr Augustine. "Right I'm here. What do you want?” She sounded bored and irritated.

"Now Emily, don't be rude. You remember Reve.” Emily looked over at her and sniffed. "Yeah."

It seemed as if this matured Emily was not as enamoured with the Dr as she used to be. Dr Augustine in disgust dismissed her. Without a word or a backward glance she left. "Teenagers" he laughed but it was slightly strained. "You see how well you've been genetically created. Your DNA alone has saved her life and made her a competent part of this team.”

He kept looking at Reve in wonder, but behind that wonder, was a deadly intent. She knew if an opportunity to cut her open and dissect her presented itself. He'd be there with a scalpel knife. Deciding to keep quiet, Reve sat and waited.

"Well, Reve. I only want another sample of your blood. It's quick and painless and you'll be out of here quickly.” He already had a needle in his hand. Reve knew she didn't have a choice and held her arm out. Reve knew it was much safer to do as he asked, and she only felt a momentary sting.

The two draconians who'd held her in place, helped Reve out of the chair but their grip wasn't as harsh as earlier. As they guided Reve out Dr Augustine called out "I'll be seeing you soon Reve, make me proud girl.”

Reve’s cheeks heated with indignation, as if she was somehow his creation. His pet, her fingers curled into fists at the thought. Rufus was waiting for her on the other side of the door. If he noticed the anger in her eyes or her flushed cheeks he didn’t mention it. Instead he ignored her and walked back the way he’d taken her earlier. Reve trailed behind him, fighting down her anger.

It was the first time she’d been scrutinised, not as a person but as an object. One to be prodded and poked at. That was how he made her feel, the doctor and his tests. Reve was too deep in thought to notice that Rufus had stopped and she barrelled straight into him.

His immediate reaction was to slap her across the face. Stunned, Reve held the cheek he’d left an imprint on. It was hot to the touch and stung, the rage she’d felt earlier towards the doctor now came to the fore as she concentrated it towards him. No person, her mother included had ever raised a hand to her in her life.  She used that rage to give her balled fist some momentum as she punched him in the gut. He doubled over clutching at his stomach, "Don't ever TOUCH me!" She yelled at him.

It was the silence that greeted her which made her aware that at least twenty pairs of eyes were upon them both. He had led them to what looked like a common room; the hybrids were in various stages of feeding themselves. But they had all stopped at the commotion and watched in morbid fascination as the little drama played out.

Reve spied Lolita, ignoring Rufus and his gasps of pain; she walked and sat down next to Lolita feeling the rage dissipate leaving her cold and shaking.

“I told you to keep your head down!” hissed Lolita, as Reve merely shrugged her shoulders. “You need to be careful Reve, pissing off Rufus like that and showing him up in front of everyone. You won’t hear the end of this.” It was the matter of fact way she said it that made Reve question her.

"What did they do to you?" but Lolita just shook her head and looked away from Reve. She looked up to see Rufus had gone, the other hybrids sneaked glances at her but not one of them made an attempt to approach. The dread began to increase at the thought of what she had set in motion.

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