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The next morning, Dylan was rather surprised when Sue Ellen came out of her room and quietly handed her player over to him. She gave it a longing look as he put it on the bookshelf.

"Soon as you've replanted the garden ya can have it back," Dylan gently reminded her.

Sue Ellen nodded then went to the table for breakfast. Dylan sent Skye a raised eyebrow behind the girl's back. It had gone much better than either of them had anticipated.

Wade planted himself in the seat across from Sue Ellen. "I talked the Smith's this morning. They said they had some seed. You could head over there this morning and have the whole thing done by evening."

Sue Ellen nodded again as she buttered some toast.

"Course, they're wantin' to trade some work for it. Ms. Smith needs someone to help her with some cleaning today, so that's what your tradin'.

Sue Ellen stopped mid-bite and sent Wade a cold look before lowering her eyes. It took her a moment, but she shrugged. "Okay, whatever."

Dylan's gaze narrowed as he watched the girl over his steaming cup of coffee. There was something hard about her.

Wade, however, gave her a big smile. "I'll walk ya over after breakfast, then."

Shortly after that, Skye pulled Dylan out the front door onto the porch. "I'm going to go see Frankie today."


"Cause I've waited long enough. Frankie wants an answer, and the kids want an answer. I want to talk to him before I talk to them."

"Alright. I'll take you down there."

"Okay. I wasn't sure what you were up to today. I'm sure Tom's going if you're busy."

"No, I'll take ya. Jesse can help Wade today."

Skye nodded and took Dylan's hand in hers. "Thank you."

Dylan grunted his acknowledgment, wondering if he'd ever get used to her mannerly ways. He and Wade would hardly know what a manner was if it slapped them in the face. All her pleases and thank yous made him a little uncomfortable, but it was good for the kids. At least they'd be raised right.

Soon the truck bounced down the mountain roads to Colton as they listened to a few of their favorite songs.

Skye's mood dampened the closer they got to Colton. This was something she needed to do, but she didn't want to. She wanted to ignore that Frankie existed, ignore that Jesse and Sue Ellen wanted to see their dad. But she couldn't. The relationship between the three of them had existed long before she was in the picture. And Skye knew, without a doubt, though no one was confessing it, that the kids were already sneaking to see him. Those were things she couldn't ignore. It was better if everything was in the open.

She sighed. So here we are.

When they arrived at Colton, Skye turned down the music. It was like a ghost town. The longer they stayed away, the more of a deserted feel it had. Loose papers skittered down the street pushed by the slight wind. An open screen door banged closed as the same wind caught it.

When Dylan and Skye pulled up to the station-house, Aaron was standing by the front door. With no activity in town, he could probably hear them as they drove in. Keeping watch was one of the reasons Tom kept a deputy down here at all times.

"Hey!" Aaron flashed a smile at them, his teeth bright white against his dark skin. He seemed happy to see them, Skye imagined that it got lonely down here.

She went to Aaron, hugged him and asked how he was doing. After a bit of friendly chit-chat, Skye got to the purpose of her visit and let him know she wanted to see Frankie.

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