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"Fuck it i aint readin the comments either. As yall can see im very bold, and i have nothing to hide. I do my very best to keep my mouth shut but NOPE people just come for me.
I keep to myself except for the people that is closest to me but besides that i keep to myself. I try to do whats best for me. I try to surround myself with good natured people that do me good and actually love me.
I know, i know yall want us to stop talkin bout it, and im not gon lie i didnt and i did. But tonight im goin all in and i dont give a fuck.
People steady comin for my throat. Im not gon sit here and take all this disrespectful shit. I try everyday and im not perfect i know that because nobody is. People want me to be perfect but that aint the case. See i was tryin to be cordial and the bigger person, but fuck it im bout to go ALL out and i dont give a fuck.
So this how it all went down. So yall know in the video i said fuck Kayliee and Nahmir was like she gon beat you up and i was like no the hell she aint. I was just fuckin playin. I had and have no problem whatsoever with Kayliee because there is no reason to have one. She came for me and im not a scary ass bitch so i clapped back. This is where i messed up because me and Kayliee weren't and aren't friends so she doesnt know how i play. We were just told by Nahmir whose exact words to me were "play nice" and i told him what do we need to play nice for i have no animosity built up against her and this is before all this junk happened.
Anyways so after the video came out she decided what was best for her was to talk about me on the slick thinkin i wouldnt notice so i got angry and clapped back i mean for god sakes i follow you you gon be on my fuckin timeline.
I told Nahmir in these exact words "get yo girl before she get hurt" so he got pressed over a little sentence because i guess he love her or whatever. So he told me dont talk about her like that she aint you business she mine yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.
Anyways we got cool i guess after our little argument or whatever. So the next couple of days he invites Kayliee over to our apartment that im currently moving out of. I felt the animosity climbing up my fuckin throat like a BITCH. I was like damn she hate me this much over nothin i mean damn it was a joke get the fuck over it. So i just looked at her as she looked at me too.
So im thinkin Nahmir live here too so im gon respect his half of the house and not be disrespectful towards his girl. And i wanted to say somethin to her because Nahmir had been a little distant lately and i knew it was because of her.
So fast foward to the part where Nahmir is tellin me that she gon be stayin for a couple days and so like any other NORMAL human being i asked approximately how long and he gon say some dont worry about all that she aint yo problem so i straight up told him "fuck you" and i went to my room just like that.
Fast foward on that same day i asked Kayliee could i talk to her in the livin room and let me remind you i was talkin to KAYLIEE. So Nahmir gon say some why so i told him just like this "dont fuckin worry about it because this is between two grown ass women and as far as im concerned if this included you i would have said Nahmir so shut the fuck up".
So Kayliee said sure so we get to the livin room and i get straight to the point and i said whats the beef because i feel the animosity towards me. She said i feel like you want my man and i dont like how you came for me in that video. So i had to break that shit down for her and apologized so im guessin you know we cool or cordial now.
Now im wantin to talk to Nahmir about the distancing and the problems we been havin lately and when i tell you the attitude he had most of the time was sour and sooooo bad i just wanted to cry right there. We had a conversation and i learned some things that night i cant even begin to explain but i am anyways.
I learned that he was bein fake as fuck steady talkin bout me to his girl makin her think i want him. Steady sayin that im not smart and i dont put up for my self. And when i was broke boutta work at wendys i just used him to get up.
Dude you selfish as fuck for that because if i wanted my fame and money and success to be built off of your success then instead of you comin up to me in wendys it would have been opposite.YOU came up to ME and made your move and i turned yo ass down.
Then we became the bestfriends i told you all my secrets, dreams, and hopes and you told me all yours. We cried with, for, and on each other. Do you even begin to wonder sometimes how it might feel to go through all that in just one person because it sure does feel shitty.
You put yourself on such a high pedestal dude and when someone knock yo ass down then what? Im not gon hope for the worst because thats not me but i hope you learn your lesson. Hey i forgive you because out of the kindness of my heart and my faith in God i know this will get better.
No im not sayin im tryna work shit out im sayin i got no problems with noone anymore.
Kayliee's a nice and beautiful girl and i hope and believes she'll get where she needs to go with or without a guy.
Nahmir's a sweet and handsome boy when he can be. Hes very talented and i will never stop believing in him. Not gonna lie i still have love for him and i wish him his best.
As for me im gonna move out into my new place by Friday and today is Wednesday and ive been packin since Moday so thats enough time. Im gonna focus on my work and projects and do whats best for me. Im gon feed my mama because shes literally my only family and my only friend. Dont ask me why im crying im just so over it.
Like people can do you so wrong and selfishly and to think that you can still have love for them. They dont even give a damn they just do it and get over it. I should be gettin over it and im tryin my hardest but heartbreak is real and perfection isnt.
God knows i try.
But anyways i love you guys very very very much. Thank you for always being there especially for times like this. I love you guys dearly, Peace."

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