41| Jealousy.

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41| Jealousy .

Annie and Luke had both only experienced heartbreak once before, both completely different and yet still the same result of emptiness.

The Similarities Of Heartbreak Between Annie And Luke:
-after both incidents happened the pair didn't leave the safety of their bedrooms for over a week.
-the pair didn't want to eat, sleep or talk to anybody.
-the pair felt as though life just wasn't worth living anymore.
-the pair felt alone.
-the pair felt isolated, misunderstood, rejected and forgotten.
-both incidents were caused by the same person.
-both incidents were because of a boy.

Luke wasn't heartbroken when Kelly left him, or when his friends ditched him, not even when his parents stopped loving him as much as they used to. No, he was heartbroken when he couldn't play guitar anymore, and he couldn't drive to his grandads every Wednesday like he used to.

Now Luke was heartbroken because he broke the heart of the only girl he's ever truely and utterly loved. He loved her so god damn much and he hated that he couldn't see through Kelly's wicked lies to just get him in bed.

She was acting drunk, dangerously drunk, and she was threatening to hurt someone if Luke didn't take her to bed. Luke didn't want to see if she was bluffing or not because knowing her she wasn't, so he took her upstairs and put her on the bed, ready to leave her there for the night.

But she had other plans, obviously, and slammed the door shut, stripping her two-piece off before Luke could even question her. Then, sadly, the inevitable happened.

Now Luke was lying on his grandads couch, staring up at the ceiling as he told him about all the ways he messed up.

"I don't know what to do," he mumbled into his hands, squeezing his eyes shut as they stung from the tears he'd shed. He remembered Katie said it'd hurt to cry for a little while but he didn't think it'd be this painful.

Luke felt like he could tell his grandad anything, and he did 'cause most the time he fell asleep, but Luke didn't mind, he just liked having someone who listens. It was Annie for the months that they were together, but now it was back to his grandad.

"Well, son, you're just going to have to make it up to her somehow. Act like you have win her over all over again, put the effort in Luke, and she might take you back." To Luke, whatever his grandad said was the wisest thing he could ever hear in that moment. He always had the right thing to say which Luke always needed to hear.

He had no idea how he was supposed to win Annie back, the expression on her face when she first saw him was shattering. It kept playing in his head and it was giving him nightmares, he hated it.

She might take you back. Luke was thinking about that word, might. Meaning their was a possibility she wouldn't, and at this moment in time she definitely wouldn't.

Luke sat up and decided it was time to make a start on Operation Get Annie Back. The first step was to see if Annie would actually talk to him, that way he can explain himself and she can have a better understanding of the situation.

He couldn't just walk into her house to her room and demand her to listen, so he did the next best thing; walk into her garden and throw sticks at her window in hopes to get her to listen.

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