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Hello Readers!

Thank you for taking your time to visit my story.

It's great having you here.

I'm Sophie. I guess sometimes, I would very much like to be normal. I love reading, dancing, writing, music and rapping.  

This is my first story on Wattpad and I hope you love it. For some people, it might be formal but I promise to improve with my other stories in the future.

Some chapters at first, might be short and there might be some minor mistakes but don't judge.

Read on and Let me know what you think. Every detail in this story is fictional. Totally fictional. 

I would try my best to post Updates sooner.  School would soon be resuming, so I might be busy with some school works soon.

You can PM your feedbacks and opinion on this story. 

No Copy of this story must be shared or copied without my consent!

Feel free to give sincere and constructive Critiques.

Be supportive!  And don't forget to hit that little star above each page to vote.

Thank You and I hope you enjoy reading! :)

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