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I got out of bed and and stared at myself in the mirror, my eyes had dark circles under it,a sign I didn't get a good night sleep and all these wolf stuff just keeps going deeper into my head.

I entered the bathroom and brushed my teeth then floosed,I showered with the lavender soap my grandma gave me as a birthday present.

I got out of the bathroom and toweld myself dry, I applied lotion on my skin and wore a flower off shoulder top and high waist Jean, am not a fan of heels so I wore slip ons.

I took my bag and then I remembered I had to go see Mr mccall before leaving for school this morning.

I got downstairs and my parents had already left for work.
Pff!! Those workaholics.

I grabbed a bottle of water and locked the house throwing the key under the rug by the front porch.

I got in the car and drove to the hospital.

Daryls pov

I finished cleaning up and got into one of travis clothes. I got downstairs and Travis is nowhere to be found

"Travis,Travis," I yelled while checking everywhere in the house.

Well that's strange cause usually he's always indoors eating cereal.

I locked the door and kept the key under the rug.

I went home and my sister is at home.

"Hey bro" she smiled

"Who is that woman" I asked

"Which woman" she asked confused

"The one taking care of us" I said

"Are you insane, she's our mother" she yelled

"No am not" my other mother said while coming out of the kitchen

"Your parents were mysteriously killed and when I saw you and your sister in the car that night I knew I had to take care of you" she explained while tears prickled down her cheeks

I hugged her and wiped her tears and rushed upstairs to get my jacket. I gave my sister one last look before I left the house.


I parked in front of the hospital and I came down from the car and checked the time 7:54, it's almost 8,am gonna be late.

I rushed into the hospital and went to meet the nurse by the counter

"Morning" I greeted her in a rush

"Morning how may I help you" she smiled

"I just came to drop this for Mr mccall it was administered by doctor festus" I said and dropped the drugs and rushed out.

I got in my car and drove to school by 8:30 I was in school, I parked and was rushing to class when I got dragged into the janitors closet.

"What ar...." I was about to cuss but the person placed one finger on my lips.
the lights came on and it was daryl

"Daryl" I sighed and rembered yesterday then I looked down

"Look i am so sorry for what happened yesterday, I was just so angry" he explained

"I get it" I replied coldly and was about to leave but he held me and I spunned and he pinned me to the wall

"I said i am sorry," he begged, he's pressing up against me and it's just 2 inches remaining for our lips to touch

My heart is racing fast it could pop right out

"How about  you calm down now, I won't hurt you" he smiled

Oh I forgot he can hear heartbeats

"It's-its It's okay" I stammered and shivered as he's using his nose to trace my neck

"How about I mark you" he smirked

The bite??

Am confused right now

Should I let him do it??

Hey guys thanks for your support so far
Am so happy we made it to 1k reads am so so happy
Thanks guys I love you all so much.

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