The lantern room door opened, I was surprised to find Saku at the entrance.

"Please forgive my intrusion," he said and knelt before me.

"It's okay. I don't mind the company," I reassured him and scratched at my head as I voiced my assumptions. "Although, I had thought you wouldn't want to talk to me any time soon."

I knelt before him and bowed low with my apology. 

"Please forgive my earlier rudeness. I honestly didn't mean to offend."

Saku surprised me when he broke out with hearty laughter. "You really are a conundrum but of a good kind."

Once the awkward feelings were dissipated, we both relaxed into a seated position more to our liking.

"You did not say anything wrong. It was my bad form to relent my anger on you. The situation with Trix and your coming had kind of reopened an old wound." Saku let out with a weary sigh.

"When I was reprimanded by Lita for my poor form, I realised I had to talk to you before matters went out of control."

I listened to Saku's story about how he had become an Evadale Knight due to an illicit relationship with a high-ranking official within the Illuminate Office whom he had met during one of his performance's after-party events.

Saku was a professional dancer who had been performing before elites and respected magis of standing since he was a child.  He came from a family of renowned entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry and as skilled magis for crown cakra magic, which relied on graceful dance routines to be invoked.

"I was at an impressionable age when I fell in love with that man who was ten years my senior." Saku sighed.

"In hindsight, I should have heeded the advice of my childhood friend and come to my senses, but love can make a person blind to certain dangers."

The man Saku loved was from a well-respected family who operated military businesses. As he wined and dined Saku, who believed their outings were acts of love, he slowly drew Saku into a forbidden business arrangement.

Saku was duped into using his cakra magic for a deal, which would be an act of industry volition to his family's estate.

"As soon as that man had received what he had wanted from me, I was instantly discarded by him in the cruellest way."

Saku's family was faced with the loss of honour with financial penalties for unsanctioned business dealings. The Estate would have suffered a tremendous impact, which would have taken years to reclaim in reputation and cost if they were lucky. It was a serious affair.

"It was Trix who posed a solution that would allow my family and our estate to continue trading with honour. He and I are childhood friends and schoolmates, and our families have a mutual respect outside of business standings."

"Aah!" I let out as I realised where the story for the Wisteria Garden Squad name had come into play.

Saku nodded his head upon seeing that I had understood.

"So, I hope you do not think ill of Trix. He may come across as frivolous, but he has sharp eyes when it comes to people."

"Do you regret being part of the squad?" I blurted my question and cupped my hands over my mouth. I bowed with my apology.

Saku chuckled and reached out to me with a gentle hand to raise my head.

"Far from it. He has given me a chance to repay my dishonour to my family. I am proud to be able to fight alongside him and the others." He flashed one of his angelic smiles that made my heart beat faster.

I swooned at the gentle strokes his manicured fingers brushed across my cheeks and the underside of my chin. A heady scent of vanilla and citrus lingered the air between us.

"You are beautiful," he said with a heavy breath and retracted his touches before they would lead to something else.

He stood to take his leave.

"Oh, please call me Saku. To have you call me Tsubaki-sama would make me feel... strange. I would rather you call me by the name that the others use." He left me with a warm smile.

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