Chapter 27

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I opened the door, laughing from Harry acting out a what two younger kids had been doing at the playground.  We had been walking around for who knows how long and stopped when we saw a playground, watching the children play.  Creepy I know, but it was adorable.

I let Harry in and closed the door, still smiling, but froze as I heard a cough.  I turned around and saw Jake standing there, his arms crossed. My smile shrunk, but still remained.  It was just Jake.

"So, that's where you've been, Harry.  Running around with my sister."  He said.

"Uh...yeah.  I guess you could say that."  Harry replied, smiling down at me before back up at Jake.

"Do you know what time it is?"

I shrugged.  "We didn't really look."

"Well, it's six o'clock.  Harry, you were supposed to be back hours ago!"  Jake raised his voice.

Both our smiles were faded now as we saw Jake was angry.  "Look, I'm sorr..."

"And Caroline, you can't be outside for so long, especially when it's getting dark!"

"Jake, it's not that dark."

"Well I don't want you leaving the house without telling me!  I had no idea where you were, you scared me to death!"  He yelled at me.

"I had my phone..."  I whimpered.

"Then why didn't you call me?"

"I didn't think it would be that big of a deal!"  Harry wrapped his arm around me, knowing I was a bit scared.  Jake noticed and grabbed my wrist, pulling towards him and away from Harry.

"Don't touch her, okay?!  And don't let this happen again!"  Jake shouted at Harry before turning to me.  "In fact, I don't want you hanging around Harry anymore."

"What?"  I finally raised my voice.  "Jake, what's your problem?!"

"My problem is that he's skipping out on work, getting everyone in trouble, including you!  You can't go walking around the entire day, especially when it's dark!  Something could've happened to you!"

"I was with Harry, he wouldn't let anything happen to me!"

"How do you know that?"  Jake challenged.

"Because...he...he just wouldn't."  I answered, not sure what to say.

"Jake, look.  I'm sorry I forgot about work and had your sister out too long, it won't happen again."

"Yeah, it won't because you won't be seeing her again."


"Look man..."

"No, you look man!"  Jake cut Harry off.  "You're in big trouble for missing work, and I don't want you bringing Caroline into it!"  Jake explained.

"I won't!"

"You say that now!"

"I mean it!  I won't bring her into it!  Just, don't stop us from seeing each other!"

"Jake, come on!"

"Enough!  Harry, get out of my house!"  Jake ordered, pointing to the door.



Harry sighed, opening the door.  There was a pain in my chest from everything going on.  "Harry..."  I whispered.

He turned back and gave a small smile.  "I'm sorry Caroline.  It's not my  house."  He said before walking out.  I stood there, looking down and slowly nodding.  Jake was already angry, he shouldn't make things worse. 

Once Harry left, I glared at Jake.  "I can't believe you!"  I shouted, stomping upstairs.

"It's for your own good, Caroline!  Harry's a good guy, but I don't want you involved or getting between his work, it won't be good for either of you!"

"Oh really?  I doubt that!"  I yelled, tears forming.

"It's true!  You don't understand what it's like dating a celebrity!  Sure, you have a few weeks together, but in those weeks there will be paparazzi trying to tear you apart, angry fans jealous of you, and you can never go outside without being recognized!"  Jake started explaining.  "And what about when tour comes?  He's gonna have to leave, it's his job.  And you know what?  You're gonna have to let him go, because he can't stay here and you can't go with him!  Saying goodbye is hard, especially when you have no choice! And you of all people should understand that!"

"Stop, okay Jake?  Don't bring them in to this, okay?"  I stopped him, my voice cracking.  "Me and Harry aren't dating, we just spent the day together."

Jake chuckled.  "Come on, I see the way you look at each other.  Maybe you aren't dating now, but it will happen.  I'm trying to prevent it so you won't get hurt!"

"You always pushed me to go outside and be social, now that I am you want me back inside all alone!  I might have been scared to get hurt before, but I learned you have to take that risk and live life.  And you wanna know who taught me that?  Harry!"

Jake remained silent, looking down.  I stared at him, waiting for his reaction.  At this point, tears had already slipped down my cheek and my throat was scratchy from yelling so much.  But I needed to fight.

"My answer isn't changing Caroline.  You aren't allowed to see Harry whether you like it or not.  It's for the best."  He finally said calmly before walking away into the kitchen, leaving me heartbroken on the stairway.

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