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Mary's POV

I quickly pulled away and ran out of the room .

That was wrong. That was really wrong. What was I thinking . What I did was all wrong . I wasn't supposed to do that .

I can't go back .

He might be everything I want but I can't .


I got back in the room .  I looked him deep in to his eyes and took him in my arms soon before we fell..........


"Ethan I can't do this friendship thing . I just can't." Tears we're running down my eyes.

"Why ? Please explain why ." He got up off the bed .

"I just can't ok ." My mind is racing.

As I was about to walk out the door he gripped my arm , pushed me up against the door and blocked me by putting his body close and his arms next on each side .

"Fuck what did I do ." He was hurt .

"Ethan Let me go please." I was terrified.

"What did I do ?"

"Ethan don't hurt me !" I cried .

"Are you in love with someone else ? Did you not mean the kiss that we shared ? What is it ?" I felt as if I was about to faint .

"Ethan !" I was scared.

"Do you not love me anymore? Do you not like me anymore, cause I can leave if you want ." He was close to crying

"Ethan Dolan! Let go of me !" I shouted.

"Answer my question Mary!"He said through gritted teeth .

My anxiety  was  at high levels . I was sick of it so I just  pulled out my gun and aimed it at him  followed with a hard blow to the face  with my free arm .

He walked back and held his face .

"I told you to let go of me !" I kept the gun pointed at him.

3 seconds later

What did I just do .

"Ethan I'm so sorry ." I walked over to him as he held his face where I punched him.

As I slowly reached for his hand he screamed at me .

"GET OUT ! Never contact me again ! I can't believe you pulled out the gun on me . All I wanted was some simple answers." He had tears in his eyes .


He cut me off .


"I guess this best friend was going to put a shot in my back ." One tear slowly fell down his face .

"I was just scared Ethan. I'm sorry ." I said before I walked out .

What the fuck was I thinking. He wasn't going to hurt me . Or was he ? What if I killed him . Oh no ! I would've gone insane. I would've killed myself . Fuck!  

I'm standing outside of the room pacing back and forth. My phone began to ring . I answered it .

"Hello Ms.Fenty we're sorry but your friend Tremaine  Neverson has been shot dead 1 hour ago . I'm sorry we're going to need you to come down for some stuff." My heart dropped .

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