Keep Trying

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Meena’s POV

It’s Friday and last period just let out. I’ve gotta get home and get ready for this stupid ‘date.’ Chres offered to take Chris to soccer practice while I’m gone, but of course, I refused.

            “Come on, babe. I got it. You just worry about your date.” Chres said.

            “You say this all calm and collected. ‘Just worry about your date.’” I huffed

            “I told you, I’m not worried about Sebastian at all. But maybe I should be.” Chres said thoughtfully.

I sat on top of his desk. “Why?”

            “Well, before I came here, his twin sister, Sebastiana, and I had a little fling going on. But her mom didn’t approve and somehow, talked me into moving out here so that I wouldn’t talk to Sebastiana anymore. Now they’re back and Kiani told me she senses trouble. I honestly just want you to go on this date to get some information.” Chres explained.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the fact that his ex was back, but I’d have to cope. I don’t know it bothers me, but it does. Especially since Kiani said she feels trouble is coming.

Kiani is a Pisces, and they always ‘predict’ what’s going to happen. So, I’m going to have to believe Kiani on this one.

            “Hey, girl!” Shanae said hugging me. “I haven’t seen you all day!”

            “Chill, you’re too hyper.” Deborah said.

            “Shut up and go back to texting your boo thang.” Shanae retorted.

            “Speaking on boo thangs, what’s up with Jacob?” I asked.

            “Everything girl! He’s perfect. His publishing company is looking at my works tomorrow!” Shanae screeched.

            “Aww, I’m really happy for you.” I cooed.

            “So Whatcha got planned?” Kiani asked

            “Stupid date with Sebastian. Courtesy of Chres.” I mumbled.

            “I got a bad feeling about those twins. Sebastiana is trying to get Chres back and Sebastian is obviously after you.” Kiani said.        

            “Yeah, I know. But I’ll catch up with you guys later.” I said before getting in my car. This was going to be a longgggggg night.

Sebastiana’s POV

I watched Meena pull out of the parking lot, and Kiani, Deborah & Shanae walk back towards the school. I assume they’re waiting on their ride. From what I’ve heard, that would be Craig, Ray, and Jacob.

I’ve been thinking about what Sebastian said. I really do need friends and I’ve got four in mind—Meena, Deborah, Shanae & Kiani. Only problem is that Kiani doesn’t like me and you know how those things go. If one person in the crew doesn’t like me, then the whole crew doesn’t like me.

But it’s worth a try anyway. I mean, I could benefits from being friends with them. The closer I get to them, the closer I get to Chresanto. He will ALWAYS be my man; I don’t care what anyone says. We’ve never done it, so we don’t have that physical attraction yet, but we’ll get there.

NO. I’m not crazy, I just get what’s mine, and he was mine first! He can’t get forget about everything we had and give it up that easily!

            “Hey guise.” I said approaching the girls.

They looked up at me and then the other way.

            “Uh.. what’s up?” I asked trying to make conversation.

            “Nothing.” They all said in unison without looking my way.

            “Any plans later?” I asked

            “Girl, what the hell do you what?” Deborah asked. “You only are using us to get to Chres. We ain’t stupid.”

I tried not to smirk. “No, I would never do that!”

            “Bull shit!” Kiani said getting up. “Bye, y’all. Craig is here.”

            “Bye.” They waved.

I sat next to them and I swear you could smell the awkward.

Chres’ POV

I waited on Meena’s bed while she was in the bathroom. She was having a dilemma about what to wear and wanted my opinion.

            “How’s this?” she asked doing a 360.

She wore simple jeans and a graphic t shirt with vans.

            “Why so simple?” I asked.

            “Because I don’t need to get fancy for that nigga.” She spat.

            “Not fancy, but enough to get him interested enough to give you what we want.”

            “Obviously he’s already interested if he asked me out.” She mumbled.

She turned and went to change again. While she was doing that, I raided her closet and found the sexiest outfit I’ve ever seen, clearly from Spencers… that little nasty store in the mall.

The outfit consisted of dark blue boy shorts and a black, lacey bra. “Why don’t you wear this?”

            “Chresanto, what the hell!? Why would I wear that for him!?”

I slapped my forehead and laughed. “Not for him! For me!”

She giggled a little and stepped closer to me, pressing chest up against mines, and running her index finger up and down my chest. She stood on her tippytoes and her face was really close to mine. So close, that when she talked, her words mumbled onto my lips. “I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you?”

            “Oh, yes.” I said gripping her ass.

Oh that ass. That very juicy ass that can make a man repent and pray for his sins!

She bit her bottom lip and winked. “One day baby, boy.”

And with that, she went back into the bathroom.

Damn, I think I’m sprung.



Yas, I'm back & we got a lot planned for you guys. The next chapters will be in Individual POV's. By that I mean each couple or single character will get their own chapter. Update coming soon. Sorry if this sucks though. In the mean time, check out my new story. I'll put the link in the comments and message board. PEAAAACEEE.

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