Luke In Bed

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warnings: daddy kink, light s&m

The most important thing to Luke is that you're comfortable and you're being satisfied.

He'd always be paranoid that he was hurting you or not touching you in the right places, or moving too slow or fast. You gave him reassurance with moans, or by tugging at his hair. It would almost get annoying, except for the fact that he cared so much about pleasing you.

And he would guide you as you grinded against him, gripping your ass and making you moan into his mouth. And he'd smile confidently against your lips and speed up the pace, moving his hips to meet yours. "I need... more," you breathe.

So he would flip you both over, your head hitting the pillows. His lips trail down your stomach, leaving wet kisses. Luke quickly pulls your clothes off, leaving you only in your panties. His fingers hook into the waistband, tugging them down your legs and throwing them to the floor. "What do you want me to do?" he asks, nervous, even though he knows exactly what you want.

You meet his eyes, whimpering as you notice the dark shade they now take. "Luke.." you whisper, desperate for his touch. He doesn't move, looking up at you expectantly. "Eat me out. Please."

Luke doesn't waste a second, his hands pushing your thighs apart. He kisses your inner thighs, mere inches from where you need him most. "Please," you whimper louder, your fingers tangling in his hair, trying to push his face closer to your heat.

After a moment of teasing, he finally complies with your request, his tongue flicking against your clit. You desperately tug at the sheets, trying to get a good hold on them as he sucks harshly. Luke raises his hands above his head, lacing his fingers with yours.

And as he would speed up, you became putty in his hands. Your fingers tug at his hair -which is originally the way you found out that Luke has a small pain kink- and your back arches off the bed. He would look up sometimes, simply kitten licking your clit, and watch your breasts rise and fall violently, your body quivering under his touch.

And then, encouraged by the sight, he would dive back down and mercilessly suck your clit, flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud as he did so. Luke wouldn't stop until you were a mess, screaming his name and telling him how good it felt.

And one of the best things about Luke is that he didn't even do it so you'd give him mind-blowing head. He genuinely wants you to always be comfortable and pleasured, and you giving him a handjob or a blowjob is literally one of the best things he can think of. Even though you gave him one more often than not, he was still so excited and grateful when you went down on him.

Luke holds your hair out of your face for the first minute, moaning your name loudly. As you go to take him in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down, his pleasure overtakes him. He lets your hair go, falling into your face. You pause, pushing your hair back. He apologizes, collecting it back into his hand. "I got caught up with your mouth," he blushes.

Luke's moans are more than enough reward. He tugs your hair, guiding your head gently up and down his cock. When you feel him twitch in your mouth, you pull off of him, earning a groan each time.

And by now he'd have a hell of a lot of confidence, getting comfortable with everything. He would rub his cock up and down your slit, holding the skin together. You both moan at the skin-on-skin contact, remembering how getting birth control was one of the smartest decisions of your life.

Any position that brought you two close to each other was Luke's favorite. He loved feeling your skin on his, and the intimacy you always shared in those positions.

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