♡Good Enough♡

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You stood in front of the full length mirror, running your hands over your beautiful blue dress. You smiled a little as you admired the shiny details that decorated the sleeves. You were a vision.

Suddenly, you heard a knock at the bedroom door - which was already open. You looked up and saw your husband, Michael - standing there.

He wore a sharp suit, and his features were flawless. He was the most beautiful human being that you had ever seen, and you felt lucky to have been married to him.

At present moment, you were getting ready to meet Michael's family for the first time. When you had initially married Michael, his family had only ever seen photographs of you, and heard you speaking on television - they had never met you in person.

And now, the moment was to arrive. You were finally going to meet his family - and you were incredibly nervous.

"Baby," Michael chuckled, walking up to you as you played with your fingers anxiously. "Relax, it'll be fine!"

"What if they hate me?" you furrowed your eyebrows. "Michael, that'll shatter me,"

Michael laughed again, bringing his hands to wrap around your waist. "They'll love you," he nodded. "I'm sure of it,"


When the two of you had arrived Michael's family home, you had managed to calm down a bit. Your hands were still cold sweaty - and your heart was pounding against your chest violently.

Michael and yourself got out of the car before the driver smiled at you, driving off. Just as the two of you had begun to ascend the staircase, Michael took your hand in his, squeezing it reassuringly.

Eventually, you both arrived at the front doors. Michael opened the door and let you walk inside before he followed in pursuit. Once you heard the door shut behind you, several individuals walked out to greet you.

There was a young female, a young male? And a fairly aged woman.

"Michael!" the older female exclaimed, walking up to him and giving him a hug. "I've missed you!"

"I missed you too, mother," Michael grinned before pulling away and looking at me. "Mother, this is (Y/N) - (Y/N), this is my mother, Katherine,"

You held your hand out for Katherine to shake, but she simply stared at you. A long moment passed before you spoke again.

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Jackson,"

"Call me Katherine," she said with a firm tone before turning to walk away. "Come on, let's all have some tea,"

You gulped as she practically dragged Michael ahead of me. As I followed, the younger female walked next to me.

"Hi," she whispered. "I'm Janet," she smiled. "And I like you,"

You smiled back at her.

This is going to be a long day.


Several hours had passed since the little tea part with Michael's family - and quite frankly, you hated the vibe you were getting from them. It was so negative.

Michael had noticed it too, and he had asked you if you'd have been comfortable with leaving early - and you waved him off, telling him that it was nothing.

After tea, Michael and Janet helped clean up in the kitchen as you went out for a small walk in, in the backyard. You shoved your hands into the pockets of your coat, letting out a sigh.

Suddenly, you heard someone approaching you - and when you turned around, you gasped a little.

Katherine was standing before you with folded arms.

"Oh..." you trailed off.

"I haven't come to converse with you," she sneered a little. "Michael is my son, and I want what's best for him," she shrugged a little. "And I know very well that you aren't good for him,"

"What are you saying?"

"That no matter how hard you try, you'll never be one of us,"

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