Chapter 11

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The Mechanic looked at the Breeder, very curious at what he wanted to tell him. The Breeder exhaled and looked at the Mechanic, sweating from fear of rejection and anxiety.

"Take as much time as you need,Gundy." Kazuichi said flashing the Breeder a kind loving smile." I'm defently not going anywhere for awhile,hehe." Kazuichi added with a small laugh at the end.

This was something the Breeder was jealous at the Mechanic for.

He can always laughing even, at the darkest times in life.

"How can you laugh at that, Mortal?" Gundham asked confused. The Mechanic just chuckled and smiled and said." Well, I've been through so much pain and torment... I gotten used to it by now." Kazuichi said with another laugh. The Breeder squeezed the Mechanic's hands tighter.

"Hey, Gundham.. I'll be fine. You know that." Kazuichi said with a smile,bringing up his injured arm to put his hand on the Breeder's cheek. The Breeder took the Mechanic's hand in his own and tilted his head more towards the Mechanic's hand.

The Breeder took a deep breath and lowered his hand." Ya know.." Kazuichi said nervously blushing a bit." I've been meaning to tell you something, too." He finished lowering his arm back down." You go first." Gundham said kindly.

"Nah. How about we say it at the same time?" Kazuichi said." Alright, if that's what you want." Gundham said.

They both took a deep breath."3...2..." Kazuichi counted down.


At the school Sonia watched the clock as it was getting time for lunch.

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"I LIKE YOU!" They both said a few seconds after the Mechanic said one. Both of the boy's face went cherry red. "Wait you... Like like me?" They both said in unison, their faces growing redder by the second.

The Breeder took the Mechanic by the hand again, and lifted it up and kissed it. That little jester made the Mechanic's face light up like a stoplight. The Mechanic was lost for words, to in shock that the guy that he loved... Loved him back.

The Mechanic eyes welled up with tears, making the Breeder worry." M-My Dark Heart! Are you alright!?" Gundham said very worried that he might have hurt the fragile Mechanic somehow." I'm fine Gundy. I'm just very happy." Kazuichi said with a big smile on his face.

The Breeder smiled and wiped away his love's tears." I love you, Kazuichi." Gundham said with a smile." I love you too, ya emo dork." Kazuichi said with a laugh, and sat up and gave the Breeder a quick kiss. As the Breeder helped the Mechanic lay back down, Mr. Tsumiki walked in.

"Hey Doc. So what's the news?" Kazuichi said, knowing why Mr. Tsumiki was in the room." Well, I have good and bad news." Mr. Tsumiki said." Good first." Kazuichi said, already answering Mr. Tsumiki's unasked question." Good news is, you'll be out of here later today. You Souda's heal fast from broken limbs." Mr. Tsumiki said very impressed." Okay... Bad news?" Kazuichi asked hesitantly. Please don't let it be about my mom. Kazuichi hoped in his head, not wanting to jinx it if he said it out loud.

"Kazuichi... I'm sorry to say this but... You're mother isn't going to make it." Mr. Tsumiki said, sadness strongly lacing his voice." H-how much longer does she have to live?" Kazuichi asked voice shaking." A week or two.. We don't really know. I'm sorry." Mr. Tsumiki said, looking at the distrot teen. The Mechanic squeezed the Breeder's hand, trying to hold back tears.

A female figure came running in and hugged the Mechanic.

" BRO! YOU'RE OKAY!" Ibuki screamed out in happiness." AKC- Ibuki be careful." Kazuichi said with a grunt of pain." Oh, I'm sorry!" Ibuki said backing off." Sis I have bad news." Kazuichi said, while struggling to sit up. The Musician helped her brother to sit up properly and sat next to him." What is it?" Ibuki asked tilting her head to one side.

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