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The peaceful planet of Altea was set ablaze. Regular citizens were trying their best to flee the destruction of the place they once called home. Mothers were screaming for help, for someone to save their child. Soldiers clutched their dead loved ones in their shaking arms, seeming small compared to the raging battle between the Alteans and the Galran Empire. Even as the Altean men and women fought for their homeland, King Alfor knew they had already lost this match. In the midst of the horrid animosity, he said goodbye to his beautiful daughter.

Allura pleaded with her father. "Father, please! We can keep fighting!"

King Alfor looked at Allura. Princess Allura of Altea, his beloved daughter, whom he had failed to protect. "No, Allura." He took in a deep breath with tears in his somber eyes. "Please, remember that I love you." Before she could respond to no doubt question what he had meant, the king sent Coran to take Allura to the safety of the Castle of Lions.

While this heartbreaking scene was coming to an end, the king pulled himself together. He had to make sure his daughter would live a good life-- a better life. If he couldn't be there to take care of Allura, he would take the next best option. Unfortunately, that meant crossing the ever-thinning battlefield to get to her.

Y/n L/n was a monster. As the best soldier in Alfor's army, she had a reputation for being fiercely loyal and dedicated, not to mention nimble and well-trained. When she had woken up that very morning, her only plans were to send in the most recents reports on her trainees and get ice cream with her best friend, Romeo. Everything had gone down so quickly, and everywhere she stepped was a danger zone.

As Y/n was emotionlessly slashing apart Galran soldiers left and right, she heard a voice in the back of her dark void of a mind. "Y/n, you can do this. Remember to fight the void. Remember to breathe." Right-- she was still human, still had a part of her that cared for the small gifts of the world. All she needed was that small light to have her consciousness reemerge to what she was currently doing.

Romeo swiveled around, having finished off the remaining Galrans near them. His spiky navy blue hair swished in the wind and smoke around them. As he held her face close to his, Romeo's gorgeous hazel eyes inspecting hers. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" With a quick blink, Y/n said nothing as she hugged him. "We're going to need to find a way to get rid of that problem when we get out of here," he smiled, hugging her burned and scratched body close to his own.

"Come on!" Romeo grinned at Y/n. "Let's go take a pod and escape with the rest of the remaining citizens since we finished clearing this section of the kingdom. Or at least, whatever is left of it." They pulled apart, and his best friend finally cracked a smile. "Yeah, lets go." As Y/n lead the way to the escape pods, she ran with Romeo's hand in hers. They were about fifty feet away from the empty pod before Romeo uttered a cry of warning before her whole world shattered.

A Galran foot soldier had crept up on the pair while they'd been talking, and had snuck up to kill them when he'd had the chance. Only, he didn't get the chance to kill Y/n. He had used a razor-sharp blade, and was able to stab Romeo's left shoulder before the Altean had kicked him a foot away. Y/n proceeded to jab her own knife into the center of the Galran's head, and went to assess the damage given to her best friend.

Romeo looked extremely weak. His golden skin was bruised and he had a large gash in his shoulder, leading him to bleed out. "H-Help me up, w-would you?" he said to Y/n, coughing up blood in the process. Y/n hastily put her bloodied katana across her back and picked up her wounded best friend. Carrying him to the pod meant they would both make it out alive, but all pods were programmed to leave in a few short minutes. That said, it would take time they didn't have. After a few steps, Romeo dropped back onto the ground, struggling to breath. "Go--Go without me," he breathed. Y/n gave her friend an incredulous look. "You know damn well I'd rather die than leave you here. Save your breath for the walk to the pod, it's just across this bridge."

The pair were gradually walking across a lengthy bridge towards the ship when they finally reached a small white and black pod with a teal stripe down the sides. As Y/N was getting the entrance of the pod open, Romeo slid against the side, heaving, with a trickle of blood running down from his nose. "Y-Y/nI'm not going to make it..." he breathed. "Leave without me, p-please. I'm only going to drag you down e-even more than I already have."

"I love you, Romeo. You're my best friend, and you can bet on anything in this damned universe that I'd never leave you to die," Y/N snarled. Even as she said so, a few apparent tears trickled down her cheek. "T-This is one of the only times I've seen you c-cry," Romeo said, putting his hand in hers. "When I die, will you promise you'll leave to keep living for me?" He said weakly. "Stop saying that. I'm going to get you out of here. You can't die on me yet." More tears on both sides were shed as Y/n stated that with a ferocity in her eyes that Romeo chuckled at before coughing up more crimson liquid. Taking Y/n's calloused hand, he put a small piece of paper in the small pocket on the inside of her wrist-length sleeve that was usually for holding throwing knives.

"Just remember, Y/N, I l-love y-you..."

And with that, Y/N cradled her fallen comrade in her arms. "No... no. No, this is not happening. No. No no no." Romeo's eyes closed, and his chest slowed to a stop. She felt frantically for a pulse, only to find none. Y/n shook Romeo's good shoulder and screeched in utter despair. Her best friend and comrade was dead. "No!" she wailed, dragging the word out.

She sat there for a while, crying into Romeo's chest. The pod had already left somewhere in the midst of her grief, but she couldn't have cared less at that moment. "Y/N!" With a tear-streaked face, Y/n turned to see King Alfor running towards her with another soldier right behind him. "We need to get you to the Castle of Lions now! You must protect my daughter!" He said, rushed. After seeing her hugging Romeo's lifeless corpse, his eyes softened a bit. "Please, you must help me! He is now dead, but you can still save my daughter!"

"I'm sorry Your Majesty, but I will not leave him!" His Majesty's eyes darkened, and a shiver of cold went down Y/N's spine. "You are going to protect my daughter." He motioned towards the other soldier that was behind him.

"N-No..." Y/n choked out. "R-Romeo..."

She tried backing away, pulling Romeo's weight with her, but the soldier advanced and punched her as hard as he could. Y/n, who had been in such sadness, could not find it in herself to fight back anymore. She fell to the ground, unconscious. The soldier picked her up, leaving her best friend lying dead on the red-stained ground. Together, the two men ran to the Castle of Lions. Once they reached the entrance, the soldier passed on Y/n to King Alfor. From there, the soldier acted as a final guard and shot any Galra who tried reaching the castle from the entrance. King Alfor went to the cryo-pod room and put Y/n in the one to the right of a pod where Allura was sleeping soundly.

King Alfor, countless soldiers, Altean citizens, and Romeo all died that day fighting Zarkon, and the Voltron Lions were sent and lost to each corner of the universe.

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