[11] Amelia and Jasper

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Amelia sat down next to Jasper nervously. After he ran away at lunch she didn't want to annoy him by being partnered with him.

He glanced at her sadly, "I want to say s- "

Amelia cut him off, "You don't like me. It's fine, you wouldn't be the first." She didn't meet his eyes, instead choosing to rifle through her bag.

Jasper frowned, "Who doesn't like you?"

Amelia glanced at him before smiling, "The brunette, Jessica? I think that's her name."

"How do you know she doesn't like you?"

"I heard her say it to Angela. It's amazing what people will say right infront of you when they think you aren't listening," she gave him a mischievous grin. "Peter taught me that."

Jasper nodded, "Well, anyways, I want you to know that I do like you, it's just..." he fumbled around for words, "I'm not used to being so close to people. I'm the newest vegetarian."

Amelia smiled and looked him in the eyes, a childlike joy in them, "You actually like me?" 

The surprise that she spoke with cast a feeling of sadness of Jasper. He grinned at her, "Don't know how I couldn't, darlin'." If only she knew the meaning behind his words.

She giggled, covering her mouth with a paint stained hand, "I haven't heard anyone use that word in this world in a long time!"

Jasper frowned, "This world?"

Amelia nodded, "It's old fashioned. We used in Neverland when Wendy first came along-Darling is her last name- but now it's forbidden."

Jasper nodded, he liked talking to Amelia and wanted to keep the conversation going, "Why is it forbidden?" The teacher walked in at that moment, and began instructing the class, he half listened to her instructions as Amelia answered.

"She ratted Peter and the lost boys out to the pirates, which in turn gave Felix a scar running down his face. Peter was furious that someone would hurt his, at the time, best friend. He sent her away after that."

Jasper nodded understandably as he pulled out some sheets of paper, writing down different composers on the paper, "She said we have to choose one of these to do a project on," he murmured to her, before rounding back to their previous conversation. "Seems like you Swan girls are surrounded by injury, Felix, then you, and then Bella the other day-"

Amelia cut him off, "What do you mean? What happened to Bella?"

Jasper could feel the panic radiating off of Amelia and instantly sent a wave of calmness her way, "I forgot you didn't know about that, she was almost hit by a truck, Edward saved her."

Amelia's eyes widened, "You can't just say something like that casually, Jazz." He smiled at the nickname. "Why wasn't I told?"

"Well it happened while you were still in the hospital, your dad and Bella didn't want to worry you." He pushed the paper her way, "You can choose our composer."

She huffed angrily, before grabbing a pen from her bag. To Jaspers amusement it was a pink glitter pen. She drew a sparkly circle around 'George Frideric Handel'.

He smiled at the selection, "We can meet at my house, if you don't mind being surrounded by vampires."

She rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him childishly, "I live part-time on an island surrounded by evil mermaids and pirates."

He shook his head with a silent laugh, "Touché."


ITS AN ALIGNMENT CHART MOST OF MY TWILIGHT OCS (BESIDES ALESSIA CUS OOF) also, a sneak peak at an oc you haven't seen yet 😉

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ITS AN ALIGNMENT CHART MOST OF MY TWILIGHT OCS (BESIDES ALESSIA CUS OOF) also, a sneak peak at an oc you haven't seen yet 😉

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